Trail Bike Vs XC Bike With Annie Last

– [Neil] Cross-country bikes need to be good at an awful lot of things. Above all, they need to be really fast climbers, but they also need to be good at riding down in technical sections. – [Annie] So let’s have a look at how my cross-country race bike differs from Neil’s trail bike. ♪ […]

How To Win Bike Races | The Art Of The Sprint Lead Out

– [Narrator] Winning bike races. Now there are a few techniques that will help increase the chances of a team’s victory. Time after time again, pros like Potocki, Cipollini and Mark Cavendish very much relied on the lead out. But what is it? – The lead out, delivering the fastest finisher in your team, or […]


Right Lower hat McVicker today, we’re riding with a few of the local homies, but there’s this gap right here that our friend Jesse was looking at earlier He said he tried it a few times and looks like he did because he left his mark But apparently the locals are telling me I know […]

Getting Around Campus at Cal State | National Student Exchange

Hey guys, it’s Sienna and welcome to week three of my vlog. I’m spending my time here in Southern California. I am having a great time as always. Um, so today I want to talk about ways to get around campus. So California State University Northridge is three times bigger than my home campus, so […]

Kisses /Kuchizuke / くちづけ/ LES BAISERS (1957) Yasuzo Masumura ENG/FRE_Sub 한글자막

KISSES (Kuchizuke) produced by NAGATA Hidemasa after the noveI by KAWAGUCHI Matsutaro scenario FUNAHASHI Kazuo camera OBARA Joji sound SUDA Takeo Iighting YONEYAMA Isamu production design SHIMOGAWARA Tomo editing NAKANO Tatsuji music TSUKAHARA Tetsuo cast:KAWAGUCHI Hiroshi Miyamoto KinichiNOZOE Hitomi Shirakawa AkikoMIMASU Aiko Uno Yoshiko, Kinichi’s motherOZAWA Eitaro Miyamoto Daikichi, Kinichi’s fatherMURASE Sachiko Shirakawa Kyoko, Akiko’s […]

High End EMTB Vs Mid Drive Home Build E Bike | EMBN Head To Head

– Electric mountain bikes cost a lot of money. And it kind of got us thinking, could you get a similar experience from a DIY bike as you can from a pre-manufactured super bike like this? – Does the home built take you to the same places the more sophisticated bike will? Does it give […]

Meant 2 Be | Full Movie | Short Film ( with English subtitle ) Romantic Comedy

♪♪♪ Trixie: Alexa… Why you still don’t have a boyfriend? You haven’t been on a date, right? Oh My Gosh Girl! I really can’t take you! Alexa: You’re over reacting Trixie. You know that I don’t have time for that thing. Trixie: You have time for your books… Trixie: Alexa: Why? What advantage would I […]

One Fast Dude | Nebraska Stories | NET Nebraska

pinning) NARRATOR: Let’s just say it, Ashton Lambie’s a really interesting dude. (rock music) There’s the handlebar mustache, tattoos, tree trunk legs, a music performance major in college, analytical mind, laid back personality. Plus he can effortlessly rip down a country road at 25 miles an hour. (upbeat guitar) ASHTON LAMBIE: I like, you know, […]

How to Ride Motocross Bikes : How to Master Tight Turns in Motocross Racing

I’m Chris Kelley and we are here with Expert Village. Turns – they are out there, you have been riding around, you are feeling pretty good, you got your jumping down pretty good but your body still flies by in the turn. It drives you crazy. Turns are the key. If you can master a […]

How To Build A Bike Stand | Easy DIY Road Bike Storage

– Now I’m pretty keen on carpentry and I’ve gotta be cuz I’m currently renovating my own farm cottage as well as being mad keen on bikes, as we all know. Now something that happens when you’ve got lots of bikes is they have a tendency to lie up against one another and they get […]