Sport Bike Tips and Gear : Sport Bike Gloves Tips

Hi, my name is Chad. We’re talking about sport bikes and the critical gear that goes with it. And the last segment we talked about helmets, so we’re going to cover some gloves. There are different kinds of gloves, but if you’ve ever had a wreck without gloves, you know that you do not want […]


The Moto GP is a International Racing Competition which help every year because of this we meet Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez, Jorge Lorenzo and other riders. because of the influence of the Moto GP they are launching a many variant of a Sports Bike in a small displacement to big displacement to sell in the […]

Sport Bike Tips and Gear : Tips on Choosing a Sport Bike

Hi, I’m Chad, I’ve been talking a little bit about sport bikes and we’re going to talk a little bit now about choosing a sport bike. As I’ve said with sport bikes, they’re racing machines and they’re basically toned down for the street, and there’s some differences between motor and seating. And it’s important to […]

Nitron Sport Shock Absorber for Motorcycles

Hello it’s Giles here from HPS and today I’d like to talk about the NITRON Sport Shock Even though this is one of the entry-level NITRON shocks It’s still a high spec., gas pressurised monotube design with many features and a shock which we believe, is by far the highest quality and best value entry […]

Sport Bike Tips and Gear : Tips on Sport Bike Tires

Hi, my name is Chad. I’m going to talk a little more about sport bikes. We talked about various modifications that can make a bike faster and handle a little better. But one of the most critical subjects is tires. Tires on a motorcycle are just unbelievably important. A lot of technology work is going […]

Rally Car vs. Enduro Bike and The Iron Karl – Erzbergrodeo XX – Ep 5

WEBISODE 2: THE DUEL – TADDY VS. KIMI Kiki and Taddy driving there, that was by far the strongest audience event, that we’ve had at the Erzberg because the Rally scene and the great car and the whole environment have of course been impressive again. Yeah, it was a unique experience the effort was enormous […]

Neil’s Sea Otter Race Bike: The Giant Full E+ 0 SX | GMBN Pro Bikes

– This bike check is slightly different. It’s an e-bike and it’s the e-bike that I’ve just rode in my very first e-mountain bike race. This is a Giant Full-E+ 0 SX. (uptempo breakbeat music) So this is a full on trail mountain bike. It’s got an aluminium frame, 140 mil travel on the rear, […]

Sport Bike Tips and Gear : The History of Sport Bikes

Hi, my name is Chad. I’m going to talk a little bit about the origin of sport bikes. Sport bikes are, compared to other motorcycles, race replicas. And what that basically is is they are streetable versions of motorcycles that are used for motorcycle races. The technology is adapted to make it applicable for street […]

Sport Bike Tips and Gear : Types of Boots to Wear for Riding a Sport Bike

Hi, my name is Chad. We’re talking about sport bikes and the gear that makes riding them a whole lot of fun and a lot safer. We’ve covered helmets, gloves, jackets, pants, and now we’re getting down to the feet. When you ride a bike, and you’re looking at gear, you’re looking at gear to […]


I’m astonished by the speed with which it leans ok it’s fast it’s violent Do you remember the bike which I made the run-in? well, that bike has been slightly modified My God, it’s gorgeous. It’s totally different from the other one that one from the run-in we removed about 15kg, took off all the […]