How Are Custom Aero Bars Made? | GCN Tech Show Ep.111

(metal grinding) – Welcome to the GCN Tech show. This week I’m flying solo, but fear not, it’s going to be a good one. I mean in addition to hot new Shimano pedals, aero mudguards, new bikes, your upgrades and the Bike Vault, we’ve also got a special guest. I’m going to be joined by […]

The Toughest Race Of 2019? | The Cycling Race News Show

Welcome back to the GCN Racing News Show, this week, we take a look at the route of next year’s Giro d’Italia, which already looks like it’s going to be the toughest race of 2019. We’ve got the European Cyclocross Championships, the Koppenberg Cross, the Saitama exhibition race in Japan, and the stunning new kit […]

#MTBgirls – go out and ride your bike!

GCN Asks The Pros | Should Power Meters Be Banned From Racing?

– Now, there’s been some murmurs for a while and also now there’s been some pretty outspoken comments too regarding should powermeters be removed from the teams bikes at the Tour de France to try and liven up the races? Well, I’ve decided to actually ask professionals what they think of this matter. Let’s go […]

5 Mistakes Every Cyclist Has Made Before A Bike Ride

– It helps the enjoyment and training effectiveness of your cycling, by avoiding, at all costs, these pre-ride mistakes. – Don’t do it. Or do it. (upbeat music) – Now this is a classic mistake that we’ve all made at some point in our cycling career. Filling up on too much breakfast before a ride, […]

Another fast Scooter session before Worlds!

hello welcome back on my youtube channel today you see another scooter motor pacing session I hope you’re not getting bored by them by now at least today I have some guests as you can see my usual training partner SEBI and also emitted from India doing a bit of a speech session on the […]


What is it what is it? It’s Ned. Well that was the Senedd at the end. It said that’s now is for the doubler Okay, it is finally the day today that world finals finally go down for the park writers there’s a fish You know that I’ve been waiting for for he’s a long […]


I'm gonna turn eight years old on June 19, June 19th. All right, it's like talking on the way down I Have been riding over here at backyard mini for the past like four hours right now All of the kids are having fun doing sack taps Count me out. It's not that doesn't sound […]