Taotao ATM150-A Evo scooter – fuel tank vent line gas leak – a fix

this is my tattoo our ATM 150 a Evo and I've been having problems with fuel leaking out of the vent line from the fuel tank as you can see it's dripped all over the transmission cover so I'm going to show you guys a trick that I learned from my youtube buddy Tommy he's […]

scooter big bore kit $330 Installed 50cc to 80cc 4 stroke scooter kit.

hi Greg Brown with rolling wrench here on my right we have a 50cc scooter on my left we have an 80 cc scooter this scooter really blown this way and it's only 30 CC's more but you wouldn't believe how much faster it is for three hundred and thirty dollars we can turn your […]

Scooter Fail : Got Gear Oil? Destroyed Parts

I've never seen this before so I thought I'd show everybody so you may notice it's awfully crunchy when I turn the rear wheel the other thing you should be noticing is that normally this clutch bail and the primary drive shaft here are tied together obviously in the gearbox and they would always turn […]

How To Make Your Scooter Faster Installing a HP CDI & Coi

hi this is Jeremy Venable JJ power sport – today we're going to talk about is how to install your Racing coil and also your racing CDI now this is a super easy install obviously I don't have this motor in a scooter or anything like that but the one thing you know you need […]

Scooter Front Fork Service : Fork Oil Change, Seal Replacement & Checks

front fork service is not something that's typically mentioned in the owners or service manuals for most small scooters larger bikes may specify high mileages like 10,000 to 50,000 miles and many only recommend low mileage for coil changes for sport bikes that are ridden aggressively generally being considered low mileage and low powered vehicles […]

1000w fatscooter unboxing and test ride!

okay so I just got this new scooter so this video is not going to be related to the BMW the i3 and first are we gonna start with the unboxing and see what it's like what is good what is bad how it drives how far you can get on a charge and like […]

GY6 Enricher / Automatic Choke Operation & Testing

in this gy6 video we're going to be taking a look at the automatic choke or also known as the enricher this part is located on the carburetor in this location here goes inside that hole there's two screws that hold it in position this is the side of the carburetor where the mixture screw […]

Battery charging Test on 150cc GY6 Motorcycle /Moped / Scooter

hello how you doing welcome to mychannel and today we are going to check the battery ok we're going to do a checkto see if the battery is charging ok first of all we need to see if thebattery is healthy okay to check the battery you're going toneed a multimeter right here okay multimeter […]

Taking apart my scooter FOR THE FIRST TIME!

okay come on come on okay cool now I can clean this all out well I've never done that before cool looks like it needs some superglue there see the crack okay so apparently if I if I can find the starter oh there it is right there the solenoid if I can touch the […]