How Are Custom Aero Bars Made? | GCN Tech Show Ep.111

(metal grinding) – Welcome to the GCN Tech show. This week I’m flying solo, but fear not, it’s going to be a good one. I mean in addition to hot new Shimano pedals, aero mudguards, new bikes, your upgrades and the Bike Vault, we’ve also got a special guest. I’m going to be joined by […]

3 World Record Breaking Bikes – So Fast They Were Banned!

– I’m here at the Boardman Performance Centre in Evesham the UK. In this place you can undergo physiological testing, physiotherapy, biomechanical sessions, even hone your position in the wind tunnel, but I’m here for something oh so special too, and that is to check out three of the world’s fastest bikes that have ever […]

How Much Faster Is A Modern Road Bike & Kit? | Retro Vs Modern Wind Tunnel Tested

– Over the years, bikes have advanced. – A lot. – I love retro kit. – Yeah, and I love modern, aero bikes. So much so, that we’ve decided to combine our two passions and come to the Silver Stone Sports Engineering Hub, a cycling specific wind tunnel to pit the latest, most high-tech cutting […]

The Truth About Wide Tyres And Wide Rims On Road Bikes

GCN’s DIY Aero Road Bike – It’s Free, But Is It Faster?

– We can all get aero for free. I mean dropping your head, tucking in your elbows, minimising your frontal area. It means you can actually go faster for the same power. But taking it to the next level involves spending money. – Yeah and the trouble is aero equipment can tend to be quite […]

Felt Bicycles TV Ep. 4 | Making a More Aero Bike

Hi everyone, my name is Jake during and I’m here with Felt Bicycles TV. This is a pretty special episode, as you can see we’re at the San Diego wind tunnel. The San Diego wind tunnel is really a home away from home for Felt Bicycles. We’ve been coming here for over 20 years. This […]

Technology – The Science Behind the Bike (2/4)

Technology in cycling is huge. It’s almost getting to be like a Formula One style with the amount of changes and wind tunnel testing and you know there are things that you can change on a bike – there’s so many different components that you can work with. The implications of science, the difference that’s […]

What’s The Best Bag For Commuting By Bike? Saddle Bag Vs. Panniers Vs. Backpack

– The age old question facing anyone who cycles to work or to university, or to school, is how best do you carry your essentials. Now, whether that’s like a laptop or a full change of clothes, or possibly both, it’s a question that can very much weigh you down. – And there are three […]