Supermoto & moped summer 2019 – Compilation

Damn, how many, damn. Are you recording too? Yes He over filled his tank and now he’s trying to spill some of it out. (Laughter) This is quality stuff right here (Kicked moped with leg) (laughter) Gas, gas, gas (Laughter) Did you see that last time I tried to wheelie? No, I dropped the plastic […]

Game Of Bike #2 With Phil Atwil And Marc Beaumont | Mountain Bike Skills

– Today we’ve come into the woods, and we’re gonna have a game of BIKE. We’re joined by Marc Beaumont, and Phil Atwill. I think it’s gonna be quite a challenging one. We’re all gonna set different challenges for each other. I’m gonna see who comes out on top, and who is a BIKE. (intense […]

How Can I Repair Paint Chips On My Bike? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

– I am very excited to present this week’s Ask GMBN. So excited that I got ready to ride in my race top, Doddy. Are you ready to answer some questions? – Oh yeah, definitely. – Let’s get stuck straight into what you guys have been asking this week. Dave Barrett is starting us off […]

Bicycle Tricks & Repair : How to Set Up Your Bike for Street Riding

So now I’m going to talk about how to set up your bike for road riding. If you don’t have a road bike and you say you have a mountain bike there is a lot of things you can do to it to make it a lot more street friendly. The first thing you can […]

Honda XR 125L vs Dirt-Bike 250cc (off-Road)

this way? where are you going guys? we can cross but not yet need help.?? should we hide our faces or we go for copyrights.? this way gasoline is over floating no… dont pul yet you are dog come again the woods… do we need? rotten lets rest here one scale up this was one […]

Warning! Your Love Of Cycling Has Gone Too Far When… | The GCN Show Ep. 277

– From Alpe du Zwift, welcome to the GCN show. – Welcome to the GCN show brought to you by wiggle. – This week we are issuing a warning. How do you know when your love of cycling has gone too far? That’s going to be a good one. – I’ve always been trolling through […]

DOWNHILL MTB STREET TOUR in KÖLN / COLOGNE, GERMANY – Rose Bikes Soulfire 3 – Lukas Knopf

hey guys whats up welcome to cologne! i was at the intermot in cologne and I always have my bike with me so it only makes sense to do another street tour today! so lets take the Rose Bikes Soul fire on a mission again! I hope I get out of the parking lot without […]

FAKE vs REAL | SC-Project CR-T | Motorcycle Exhaust

Hi guys, MFPMATIAS from youtube This video will be to talk about… SC-Project motorcycle exhaust, real and the fake one I’m not been payed by SC-Project But I’m a bit tired to see people buying china exhaust and confused by the real ones You also can see a lot in the market akrapovic replica exhaust […]

5 Essential Mountain Bike Street Skills To Master

– Right, five basic street tricks that anyone can do. Just need a bike. And if you can’t do them, a little bit of practise will get you there in no time. Right, number one. The side hop. Doesn’t need to be big side hop, can be up a curb. And I found one, right […]