1996 Honda Gold Wing GL1500SE Stock #9-2636 @ Diamond Motor Sports

Hi this is Tim at Diamond Motor Sports, and there’s a lot of bikes I can’t film with the engine running but the Gold Wing isn’t one of them. The Gold Wing is all about smooth and this 1996 model is in absolutely wonderful condition with only 15,000 miles. It’s a great bike at a […]

Crazy Japanese Foldable Bicycle!

What’s up world?! Welcome back to the OPTIBOSS youtube channel! This is just a quick vid, I’m shooting it on my iPad. I just bought a bike here in Japan yesterday, and I have shown you a lot of different bikes on my youtube channel, my dirt bikes, atvs, all that type of stuff. I’m […]

Test Riding the Harley Davidson LiveWire – Electric motorcycle prototype

Le 27 juin, j’ai eu l’opportunité d’essayer une moto très spéciale… La Harley-Davidson LiveWire, un prototype de moto électrique Elle est magnifique, n’est-ce pas ? Même si c’est un prototype, elle a l’air très bien finie Un seul disque de frein à l’avant, pas d’ABS J’adore ces rétroviseurs avec clignotants intégrés Il n’y a pas […]

KBB Linda Hailey talks to Scooter Angels

kaeleen scooted over to meet a marketing guru Linda Haley to find out how she can better drive home the message about scooter angels to a target market so one of the big problems when you start a business is there's no data absolutely so it's probably been difficult for you to forecast because you've […]

Gotway MSX Electric Unicycle – POV Street & MTB Trail Review

I'm out here today riding the got–we MSX I wanted to do a little bit of a review on this thing but I am just really really impressed with the performance of this wheel it's definitely another level for electric unicycles this takes it a step up a notch with off-road capability tire with not […]

2015 Yamaha EC-03 Electric Scooter – Walkaround – 2014 EICMA Milan Motorcycle Exhibition

2015 Aprilia Scarabeo 50 2T Scooter – Walkaround – 2014 EICMA Milan Motorcycle Exhibition

2015 Keeway Goccia 50 Scooter – Walkaround – 2014 EICMA Milan Motorcycle Exhibition

2017 Piaggio Scarabeo 50 4T Scooter – Walkaround – 2016 EICMA Milan