How to Make a Hoverboard at Home

Watch till the end to see connection diagram To watch more creative video – go to end of video

Bike Talk – Bernard Kerr’s Pivot Cycles Phoenix carbon | SHIMANO

Bernard, first of all… …introduce your bike. – This is my Pivot Cycles Phoenix carbon… …its 27,5 inch wheels… …riding on Reynolds wheels and fox suspension… …with Shimano drivetrain and brakes. Most stuff is setup from the get go… …I’ll leave my cockpit and lever setup always the same… …first thing is probably tire pressure. […]

Will This Be Your First Drone?

I’m very excited today together… we are going to experience my very first drone very important moment in Unbox Therapy history the solo smart drone with the gimbal attachment this guy right here as you can tell this is the setup it is a smart drone rather than have a camera built in this lets […]

Sport & Dirt Bike Basics : Off Road Riding Tips for a Dirt Bike or Motorcycle

Hi my name is Chris Kelley or my friends call me CK and I’m speaking on behalf of Expert Village. I am a stunt man currently working out in the Hollywood area and I’m going to give you some tips today on motorcycles and motorcycle riding. Here’s a good tip about riding, if you’re going […]

Dübendorf 2020 CX Worlds course check with Lukas Flückiger | SHIMANO

We are here in Dübendorf, where the cyclocross world championships takes place. Right now everyone is on their training laps, checking out the course. So is Lukas Flückiger, the Swiss pro rider. Let’s follow him and let’s see what he thinks about the track. – Two months ago I had the feeling it’s super flat… […]

RT Life – Michael After Dark

[Starring Michael Jones] Thursday night at the office just finishing up Rage Quit. Normally, the place is bustling but no! Not today. Hello? Anyone? Guys? I’m in the office. They’ve left me all alone! What have they done? [In a Sing Song voice] And then you grab the chair. And you drag the chair. Right […]

Sport Bike Slip-On Exhaust Installation : Sport Bike Driver’s Foot Peg & Brake Removal

Alright in this next section we are going to have to remove the passengers, I mean the drivers right side foot peg and brake. So we’re going to just take that off, set it to the side. That’s going to help us get to the heat shield and take off the plastic and be able […]