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RT Life – Michael After Dark

[Starring Michael Jones] Thursday night at the office just finishing up Rage Quit. Normally, the place is bustling but no! Not today. Hello? Anyone? Guys? I’m in the office. They’ve left me all alone! What have they done? [In a Sing Song voice] And then you grab the chair. And you drag the chair. Right […]

RT Life – Michael’s Date to Prom

Girl named Kylie, she asked me to prom on Twitter Long story short, I was gonna go to her prom principal didn’t want me there I’m a grown man So instead we’re gonna bring her here Gavin: *laugh/coughs* He had nothing to do with it (Rooster Teeth Intro) Driver: All right, how was your journey? […]

RT Life – Let’s Play Live Busch Gardens Adventure

Gavin: We’re at Busch Gardens. Gavin: I know you didn’t ask me but I decided to… let you know. Fan: Oh, hi! Jack: Nice shirt! Bethany: She’s so scared! Cameraperson: You’re going to be alright, you’re going to be alright Bethany: I mean you might die but that’s OK. Cameraperson: Bye! Cameraperson: How was it? […]

Eleven Little Roosters: Your Mission Starts Jan 16

The Colonel: Welcome to the Rooster Corps, the world’s premiere alliance of international assassins and spies. Starring Barbara Dunkelman as Agent Moose, Geoff Ramsey as Boomerang Geoff, Gavin Free as Gavin the 3rd, Aaron Marquis as Marquee Marquis, Burnie Burns as Burnardo Burnadicci, Ashley Jenkins and Blaine Gibson as the CIA, Miles Luna, Gus Sorolla, […]

Oobleck Disaster!

Oobleck! [Various slurping noises] Yeah, it’s Oobleck! We’ve been scrambling trying to figure out the easiest way to get Oobleck, – Which is cornstarch and water into a water… – Oh, the Non-Newtonian! – It’s really interesting stuff. – Oh, my gosh! The downside is, whenever you pressurize it, it turns hard Whenever you move […]

RT Life – Michael Gets Tased [Warning: Graphic]

Medic: Do you take Viagra? Michael: I don’t. (Jack laughs) (Rooster Teeth intro music plays) Gavin: Thoughts, boy? Uh, yeah, I can’t wait. Right? Months in the making. We’re good. Jack: Wow, alright. Jack: As you’re watching this, we’re having fun, but we literally have a medic here, we have professionals– (Laughter) Michael: They didn’t […]

RT Life: Kung-Shoe Grappling Hook

Blaine: FUCK! Gavin: What did you just do!? Blaine: I just kicked my shoe on the top of the studio Gavin: So, I just Kung-shoed Blaine and I missed Gavin: He tried to fling it back and it went on the roof Barbara: All of a sudden I heard NO!!! NO!!! Blaine: I literally bought […]