Cycling Tournament of Municipality of Victoria,Tarlac Philippines Yr-02-2k20

Cycling Tournament of Municipality of Victoria, Tarlac Philippines Yr-02-2k20 Cycling Tournament of Municipality of Victoria, Tarlac Philippines Yr-02-2k20

Dad Races Son’s Dirt Bike In World Vet Motocross Championships |

(upbeat music) (engine revving) – Good morning, clan. Welcome to Glen Helen Raceway. It’s race day. It’s Saturday, November 4th, San Bernardino, California. Dad’s getting ready to go out for his first practice, for the morning. It’s about 7:45 A.M. I’m excited. So if you missed yesterday’s vlog, or you haven’t watched it yet or […]

Dirt Bike Racing In The Mud! |

(upbeat music) – Morning, guys. Welcome to vlog day two here at Glen Helen Raceway, and it’s a rainy one. Getting something, this really light mist that’s going on. It’s like 50 degrees, so it’s cold, it’s wet, but it looks pretty dope on the mountain. Lemme see if I can a shot of this, […]

A New Kind of Dirt Bike Video // Clintus tv Dirt Bike Riding |

(rock music) (dirt bike engine revving) – [Clintus] Come on! You ruined the shot. – I’m scared. – [Clintus] I’m scared. Well there you go, guys. Something different, something new. Different style of dirt bike riding video. Let me know in the comments down below what you think. If you like this style. I know […]

Bryce The Handyman |

(upbeat music) – Morning guys, welcome to the vlog. We’re up and at it bright and early. Sierra’s getting Shelley’s food for the day. What is it, Sierra? – [Sierra] Collard greens. – Collard greens. Collard greens. That’s what’s on the menu for Shelley. Bryce getting ready to go to school. Someone slept in, oh […]

? The Greatest Meal I’ve Ever Had! (Day 1972) |

– Good morning, guys. We slept in a little today. Get some light on here, maybe. Really dark in Bryce’s room. What happened? – I slept in. – [Tiffany] You didn’t wake up to that really loud alarm right there? – Yeah, I wanna… – [Tiffany] You wanna move it to up here so you […]

BRYCE GETS HIS PS4!!! (6.29.15 – Day 1186) |

– What’s up, guys? Welcome back to Monday, the start of another week. Up and at it, the kids are back at home, and we are, Bryce is super excited because today is the big day. We’re gonna go get his PS4. He actually counted up all his money. After the little gift that Joy, […]

? Upgrading To A Pro Basketball ? (Day 1988) |

– Good morning, Clan. Welcome to Saturday! Just got done editing the vlog, and I smell something cooking in the kitchen. – Egg sandwich kind of a morning. – Egg sandwich kind of morning. We haven’t had these in a while. At least, I haven’t. – [Tiffany] It’s a good morning. – [Clintus] It’s a […]


– [Kade] Good morning, clan! Happy Christmas Eve. Or Happy Thursday for all those who don’t celebrate Christmas. It’s Christmas Eve here in America, and, regardless of what your religious preferences are, it’s technically Christmas Eve. Look at a calendar. Tomorrow is Christmas. which means today is Christmas Eve. So, it is what it is. […]

Yup, Bryce Needs Surgery |

(bass notes) – Morning guys! Welcome to the vlog. It’s Tuesday and we have a very action-packed day. Bryce is here getting ready to head off to school, and then I’m gonna go do my Destiny 2 livestream on the PC. Very excited about that. It’s been a long time coming. I’m excited about it. […]