Sturgis Motorcycle Rally In The Off Season

On the downhill is a big chunk of ice. there is a big chunk of ice? this guy in front of you, he hung left and you can stay in the gravel on the left and then come back around–come back around–just around, you’ll see it, be careful. Oh thank you I appreciate it *phone […]

Taiwan Cycling Trip: Taipei to Jiufen Historic Street & Shifen Waterfall (九份 + 十分大瀑布)

good morning Taiwan – Two Wheel Cruise here! bright and early here in Taipei and we’ve got a big fun ride in store for today today we’re gonna be riding to if I can paralysis correctly the Jonathan old Street which is one of the more popular tourist destinations here in Taipei it’s about a […]

10 Things MotoGP Racers do to go FASTER

You have probably seen MotoGP riders do this. Or this. And definitely this.But what are they actually doing? And why? Here are 10 things MotoGP racers do to go faster. Nr 1. Use their upper body as a parachute to brake harder When braking hard on any motorcycle going at low speeds, the maximum decleration […]

Kawasaki Z900 (2017-2019) – Aharon bi-xenon HID custom headlight upgrade kit by

hello its Wouter at the retrofitlab again and in this video I will show you our latest Kawasaki Z900 kit this will replace the original halogen reflector with the bracket, you’ll have to buy xenon projectors so it will be not only a completely different look of the headlight but it will also be a […]

52歲老媽要學平衡車,胖大哥作教練全程指導,她能學會嗎? 【鄉村小喬】

Would you like to learn how to ride a segway? Nah I can teach you. Nah, I’d fall over and get hurt Could you even heft that massive hunk of stone? Alright, later then, I’ll leave you to your thing Sup, sister You came with a segway today? Yeah, I’m riding a segway Is it […]

GUB G-85 Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Phone Holder‎ Review

Hi everyone Thank you for joining me to a new video by “Original Video Reviews” I’m the OVR guy And as you can see we have here a new package As always we’re going to find out Together What’s inside and how to use this thing So let’s not waste any time Let me grab […]


[Music] [Fright] João: You are very embarrassed. What’s up guys. All right? João Caetano here. Welcome to another video. Gabriel, you have no idea what’s coming for us now. Gabriel: What is it? João: Your father … He’s coming here. He’s already here. Gabriel: Really? He is here? John: Yes, didn’t you know? Gabriel: No. […]

SpaceLab Restaurant- Food Delivered By Gravity Sled! w/ Moza Mini-S Gimbal

Oh, is it mine? Mine is Coming. Wow, it is still warm. Spaghetti Hey everyone! This video was supposed to be a review of the new phone I bought to replace my One Plus 5, but it’s a Chinese brand that begins with an H. Things are a little sensitive around that, so I decided […]


oh oh yeah wow what’s going on guys Jake here from team epiphany and welcome back to my kitchen of awesomeness we are back to de bigger and better than ever if you guys saw our last 1000 degree night video you know it was pretty hamlet and we thought we’d step it up a […]

The Dam – An Extreme E Bike Climbing Challenge | World’s Steepest Climb

– Here on EMBM, we’ve definitely been pushing the boundaries when it comes to climbing. Things kicked off when we hit the Slab in Bristol. (rock music) Then we headed to North Wales to attempt the Rock. That was a monumental climb. (rock music) We always say, “That’s it”, but we keep coming back for […]