Wheelchair transforms into a hand-trike for LDS Charities

So the project that LDS Charities approached us with is to design and create and prototype an attachment system that will attach to the front of the wheelchair that will transform this wheelchair into a chain driven multi geared pedaling system that they can have a continuous pedaling motion so that they can travel these […]

Juicy BICYCLE SPOKE GOAT SKEWERS in INDONESIA | JOGJA street food tour | Indonesian street food

we’re in Yogyakarta on the island of Java in Indonesia this city is a food paradise and we’re here to eat so let’s get food hunting the city of Yogyakarta often regarded as the cultural heart of Java has a phenomenal food culture this is the seventh video in our nine part video series from […]

Deceuninck Double At Cobbled Classics + Another Doping Scandal | The Cycling Racing News Show

(beeping) (upbeat music) – This week on the GCN Racing News show, the cobbles are here, we’ll be going over the main talking points in the men’s and woman’s opening weekends. Meanwhile we’re still no clearer as to who the fastest sprinter in the world is after the conclusion of the UAE tour. World records […]

Mountain Bike Geometry 101 | A Complete Guide To Geometry + How It Affects Your MTB

– These days, everyone is talking about reach, they’re talking about offset, they’re talking about trail, but why on earth do you need a steep seat angle, and what exactly is long, low, and slack? Well, today, I’ve got a bike behind me here, and I’m going to take you through everything you need to […]

Team Sunweb’s 2019 Cervélo S5 Aero Race Bike | Joris Nieuwenhuis’ Pro Bike

– This is the new Cervelo S5 Disc of Team Sunweb Cervelo, replacing the previous sponsor Giant for 2019 and let’s have a look at the bike, which is probably the most strikingly different in the complete world tour selection. (deep bass music) So the frame has actually taken a complete redesign and overhaul compared […]

Secret Pro Skills | GMBN’s Tips For Racing

– Pro mountain bikers try to think of everything when it comes to beating the competition. No stone is left unturned. So I’m gonna let you into a few secrets that us wiley ex-pros here at GMBN used to use in our mountain bike careers, but wouldn’t let anyone else know about. (hip-hop music) Something […]

De-Restricted E Bike Vs Road Bike | Which Is Faster?

– Feeling nervous, very nervous. (tense music) That is absolutely brutal. – That was absolutely insane. I’ve never dug that deep for such a long time. – That was genuinely, really hard. – We’re all in awe of how fast road bikes are. Especially at events such as the Olympics. It got me thinking, could […]

How Do I climb bicycle Uphill | Riding Bicycle Uphill Tips in HINDI | Firefox Stravaro Uphill

So Guys today I have started my evening ride . his ride will happen this ride will happen midway somewhere khirshu. Khirshu is a nearest Uphill location from Srinagar You can see a milestore which shows 30KM Before that, Completed a ride to Khirshu in September But because I don’t have Gopro at that time, […]

Four Ways A Full Suspension Mountain Bike Will Help You Ride Faster

– There’s no doubting that a well set up full suspension bike is going to make most trails easier to ride and that means that most of the time they’re going to be faster as well but how do you harness that potential? (water flowing, gears turning) (upbeat rock music) A well set up, full […]

To Central Asia by Bicycle – #40 Iran – Along the Caspian Sea (English subtitles)

To Central Asia by Bicycle Iran – along the Caspian Sea So we were in the bus to Astara. But we didn’t get there. This guy got in the bus who spoke English and it turned out that the bus was going only to Ardabil and that we had to change there. We didn’t know […]