Grand Theft Auto (Vice City) – Getting Raped By Kids! (Episode 4)

what is up my beautiful juicy melon slices it is middle boy the opposite state and today we are asking a phone call looking for the money Sonny don't worry okay so we're gonna call from from some boy one of my guys back on episode 3 of the GTA amazing beautiful series that we […]

The second electric motorcycle called Hera from Curtiss has the world's first V8 battery.

considering that electric bicycles have lived in the background of the automobile scenes since the 1890s it is time for motorcycle manufacturers to have taken the hint of the explosion of Av cars and trucks to launch their own versions the classic American company Kurtis introduced its all-electric concept zeus in May and today they […]

Carnival cruise accessible room 8 239

so here we are on the Carnival Spirit this is the one of the winter accessible rooms it's a pretty good room really it's room enough under the bed moist it's a tie enough to fit your suitcase under there so your hoist easily fits under D the bathrooms nice and big it's a little […]

SEATTLE THRIFT VLOG : Zero Waste / Fremont Market Tour |

Panama City Beach Florida Summer 2019

hey what's going on guys Smitty here better your 10ml City Beach Monday wonderful day for sand and surf which you guys can make it I know a lot of you guys got a face went on the day and I'm almost didn't come down here because it has been excellent weather services up quite […]