How Fast Can You Go On A Mountain Bike? | GMBN Speed Challenge

– It can feel super fast bombing those downhill runs on your mountain bike, but just how fast are you going? An average speed for a normal ride for me is something about 11 or 12 miles an hour, so pretty slow. Max speed’s something like 20, 25, so not really that fast. But today […]

How To Cycle Even Faster | GCN’s Tips For Fast Riding

Manon: Do you want to ride faster than ever? James: In this video we are going to give you tips and tricks to get you smashing them PBs and flying. [music] Manon: The obvious one is working on reducing your aerodynamic drag or spending a load of money on new biking kit, but there are […]

Supermoto & moped summer 2019 – Compilation

Damn, how many, damn. Are you recording too? Yes He over filled his tank and now he’s trying to spill some of it out. (Laughter) This is quality stuff right here (Kicked moped with leg) (laughter) Gas, gas, gas (Laughter) Did you see that last time I tried to wheelie? No, I dropped the plastic […]

How Are Custom Aero Bars Made? | GCN Tech Show Ep.111

(metal grinding) – Welcome to the GCN Tech show. This week I’m flying solo, but fear not, it’s going to be a good one. I mean in addition to hot new Shimano pedals, aero mudguards, new bikes, your upgrades and the Bike Vault, we’ve also got a special guest. I’m going to be joined by […]

Chế xe đạp điện sử dụng 4 Motor 775 tốc độ 70km/h | DIY Make Electric Bike using motor

WARNING! Vehicles are reinforced to withstand the speed. The video was shot at noon on the street. Speed ​​measurement software has errors, actual speed may be smaller.

15 years of Cotic bicycles

(energetic guitar music) – Hi, I’m Cy, I’m the founder and owner of Cotic Bikes. 2018 marks 15 years for the brand. (horn blows) I do remember having the Monday morning meeting with everyone about 18 months ago. And there’s seven of standing around and were having ideas and we’re catching up on the weekend […]

Pick-Up Truck Vs Mountain Bike | Ex-World Cup Downhiller Races A 4×4

(crunching sound) – Blake can you give me a hand with these bikes please? – Yeah, for sure, hang on. – Just check ’em over. – Oh yeah, real good. That’s perfect. Ready Neil? Can’t wait. Oh oh oh, can’t wait. Buckle up Neil. Ready? Let’s go. – Blake we’re doing some downhill runs and […]

How Fast Can You Tow A Caravan With A Bike? | The Worst Idea We’ve Ever Had…

(yawns) – Morning all. Right, in this video we’re going to see how quickly we can pull this caravan with a bicycle. (upbeat music) Okay, we’re off. (grunt) Man that’s hard. – [Narrator] Mark Beaumont is perhaps best known for his epic feats of cycling ultra endurance, most notably cycling around the world in just […]

Buy Sports Bike First Impression In Bangladesh 🏍️ TARO GP-1 And GP-2 in Dhaka 2018