Right Lower hat McVicker today, we’re riding with a few of the local homies, but there’s this gap right here that our friend Jesse was looking at earlier He said he tried it a few times and looks like he did because he left his mark But apparently the locals are telling me I know […]

Hoverboard Beginners Guide: Unboxing, Setup & First Ride

first thing to do is find a clear workspace place the Box on the floor and open the tabs please note your box should contain the power cord one of our business cards our own custom came an information sheet and product warnings as well as links to youtube videos for how to’s the owner’s […]

This new electric skateboard has one big flaw

– I’m Becca Farsace with The Verge, and this is a Dot board. It’s a modular electric skateboard, and y’all, it’s kinda sick. (upbeat music) There are three models of Dot boards. The Compact, the Cruiser, and the Transporter. All of the boards are made of a composite of maple, V.ply, and fiberglass. The Compact […]

Segway Ninebot W1 Drift Test SUB EN/ES/RU/PL/العربية

Hello dear, today we have a really innovative product, namely the W1 drift of Ninebot Segway. These are electronic roller skates, so-called E-skates. About 3 years ago, I was already through the head: what will be the next technical Innovation and it was somehow clear to me It will be a kind of electric […]

Hardcore Max

“Hey kid, put your helmet on! You don’t wanna hurt your little noggin, do ya-SHUT UP!” His name is Max and he’s goin’ to school He doesn’t wear a helmet ’cause he’s so cool He keeps his helmet on his bars Darts out randomly in front of cars Talks on his phone while rollin’ down […]

用無刷馬達與18650鋰電池爆改滑板車 | Make an electric scooter use brushless motor and 18650 li-ion battery

HOW TO FIX A BIKE!! Pretend Play with Dad in our Backyard Gas Station!

NEW Barbie Spin ‘N Ride Pups Bicycle Riding Doll + Frozen Kids Playing at Playground Park with Dogs

Uh just another boring day at the park. Yea I wish something exciting would happen. Barking. Oh my goodness it is puppies I love puppies. I want a puppy yea, oh these puppies are so cute, look me and this puppy are matching we have the same hair color. Yea this puppy is so cute […]

Introducing the new Bolt – The Most Portable Electric Skateboard Just Got Better

Hi, it’s Lorenzo from Bolt Motion Last year after our campaign on IndieGoGo, we shipped a lot of first-version of Bolt they were most portable electric skateboard We learned a lot from that experience and from your feedback. You really helped us building this product Today we are happy to show you a great improvement: […]