Right Lower hat McVicker today, we’re riding with a few of the local homies, but there’s this gap right here that our friend Jesse was looking at earlier He said he tried it a few times and looks like he did because he left his mark But apparently the locals are telling me I know […]

Testing MONO SCOOTER FORK at Skatepark!

Kickflip kickflip Okay, so yesterday I was over at Alan’s bike shop and the scooter industry We used to have a company called n-word that tried to make these it didn’t work because they never made it because it doesn’t actually Work but we’re gonna test it today anyway, cuz I never got the chance […]

Underground Tunnel Leads to SECRET Scooter Street Spot!

They’re both on that, you know five bucks if you wear that What are the odds you put on that shirt right there? If you guys say the same number you both have to put it on one two three 14 Oh Okay, well we’re starting to stay off by going through this hair tunnel […]

Introducing Raymond Warner SIGNATURE ENVY AOSV5 Scooter Deck!

Oh My god ladies and gentlemen boys and girls this looks really dark I’m sorry, hang on before we get this video started up I want to let you guys know that the official Black Friday sale at ring Warner. Comm is Officially going on. So if you guys wanna save up to 70% on […]

Last To Remove Their Hand, Gets MY SCOOTER!

Oh ladies and gentlemen boys and girls before we get today’s video started I want to let you guys know that there is going to be a massive Black Friday sale at WWE and Warner Comm you’ll be able to save up to 50% off on select items at Rim Warner comm and the sale […]

CHEAPEST Envy Wheels Strength Test!

Jumping over get us one name. Whoa. Oh, I almost died again, dude. That’s a second time night Hey there she is scary. Boom good job dude, Braden just learned how to do buttercups. So how many of you done now? 20 it’s a lot more than I was thinking he was gonna say but […]

Scooter Kid DESTROYS His Scooter at Skatepark!

I’m okay Feeding purpose always sleeping. I voice questions to the ceiling like an answer gonna come to this too revealing Life is easier concealing all emotions to the star on your heart going on. I shall be in Drive We are currently over at Cal Oaks Gate Park my local park and I want […]

Giving FREE SCOOTER PARTS to Kids in Need!

I don’t know what just happened a wristband all that for a wristband. I got a billion of those in my house Last night we were chillin at a homies house and this happened somebody backed into the whip got me. Look at this, bro Bad, but on a brighter note John is here. We’re […]

Rebuilding $10 ENVY Scooter | Part 7: GRIP TAPE INSTALL!

Yeah, don’t try this at your local skate park or at home or in your dreams oh Here’s the sauna and you’re just going on we are currently over here at Kellogg skate park tito’s trying to get new tricks And he’s landing. Oh, yes, sir talking about baby. Perfect. Okay now don’t get cocky […]

Rebuilding $10 ENVY Scooter | Part 6: REPAINT!

Okay now front foot oh don’t do it don’t do it no good if you get hurt your dad’s gonna be pissed at me Let’s see this stuff is ready. It’s Tuesday. I dropped the stuff out like four days ago, we’re gonna find out How you doing today? Good, my name is Raymond and […]