Bicycle Elite Edition from Penguin Magic // DECK REVIEW

Hello, and welcome back to another review. I’m jason silberman and today I’m going to be reviewing a very hot deck of cards the bicycle Elite edition these are From Penguin Magic and this is the second shipment they sold out Within 24 hours their first release the one thing that makes it very special […]

New Toyota Corolla GR Sport 2020 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new video the new Toyota Corolla GR sport hybrid it’s right here with me the 2020 model and I will review it for you guys I will make a full review interior exterior and I try to show you as many details as possible as usually in my […]

Will This Be Your First Drone?

I’m very excited today together… we are going to experience my very first drone very important moment in Unbox Therapy history the solo smart drone with the gimbal attachment this guy right here as you can tell this is the setup it is a smart drone rather than have a camera built in this lets […]

XIAOMI ninebot’s Builder : ตัวต่อเสริมทักษะที่หายาก!!!

Futuristic Skateboard! | ENJOY or DESTROY?

yay All right here we go, the maiden voyage *falls* These things made it worse dude *Theme music plays* What’s going on guys I am Matthias and welcome to another video ten strange things found on Amazon, actually Found by the tan man, who ain’t so tan am I right? I’m gonna let you know […]



Guerrilla Gardening in Los Angeles | SubCultures

-The sort of short sentence of guerilla gardening is gardening on public property without permission. But essentially, it’s finding plots all over the city that are dirty or overrun with weeds and trash and things like that and then going in and making it a garden, making it pretty. -It’s fun to have that sort […]

Buy Sports Bike First Impression In Bangladesh 🏍️ TARO GP-1 And GP-2 in Dhaka 2018

Microsoft accidentally made a great Chromebook

– Hey everybody, I’m back, and this is Processor, and I have discovered the best Chrome tablet that I have ever used. It has amazing hardware. It runs on an ARM processor, so it has pretty good battery life. It supports LTE, natively, on the device. It actually works in tablet mode instead of the […]