Jack Dauth, Saundezy, Dunkeazy or Wezma.. *ONLY ONE CAN STAY*

whoa guys look okay I’m not mad maybe a little disappointed okay I expected better from you I really did I thought you know we’ve been putting out these videos they’ve been they’ve been really good recently today and you guys just seem to be just letting me down you know just a little bit […]

DISTRICT Scooters has FINALLY COME CLEAN #SCOOTREVIEW Clayton Lindley Quits Scooter…

district has finally come clean claim Lindley has left his sponsor and nitro world games is confirmed to be coming back in 2020 all this and more right here it’s scoot review baby what what what adieu bit Akua tease your boy finance be here back with another episode of scoot review the one and […]


y’all ever feel like in a rail to just like get moist splash team-dogs I can’t believe you’ve done this you guys remember top 5 worst scooters right top 5 worst inventions remember these videos and I’m gonna make another one on Monday because this this is unacceptable this whip looks like it looks like […]

Reacting to EXPENSIVE Custom SCOOTERS over $500 #SCOOTWARS

ah what say you peasant would you care to put you get a dance pretty boy I don’t think you want to do this my G I got zero deaths zero deaths my G check out my patches TI and all these patches here G straight up one skit was a 1 2 3 4 […]


am I looking a little blue to you you like the only thing that would top off this look is it blue beanie where the hell am I gonna get one of those this video is brought to you by cabbage calm design your own custom snap backs and hats huh that’s convenient timing what […]

Rebuilding $10 Envy Scooter! | Part 4: FORK

Ochs In yesterday’s video We started stripping all of the anodizing off of the deck on the $10 NV scooter that I am currently rebuilding for like a whole Revamping feel for the real nostalgia of it. I’m very excited It’s going awesomely and if you haven’t seen those videos click right up there, that’s […]

Rebuilding $10 ENVY Scooter! | Part 3: DECK Paint

Wow Oh And this one down a mole careful with this one that’s already right to an idiot So we are over at the anodized ER right now in yesterday’s video actually called these guys to see if they were able to do Like just single pieces like this clamp in the fork and the […]

The Bizarre Japanese Scooter Gang You Never Knew Existed | Bumper 2 Bumper

(motors buzz) – [Announcer] What are those? – They’re low, slow, and apparently super duper fun, but W-T-F, what the (beep) are these things? And more importantly, Why? So hold onto your buns, my future rascalling friends, because we’re going “Bumper 2 Bumper,” fender to tail, on a gang of scooters! (motors buzzing) (upbeat rock […]

Scooter Riders are NOT HAPPY with This Photo.. #SCOOTREVIEW Coalition v4

well well well what have we here oh boy we got some skitter bread starts all the drama guys I don’t know if you know this but he starts all the drama it isn’t just look at it on Instagram and read the comments k he starts everything brand new product is coming in from […]


I don’t ever writing Street has become a notable style within the scootering community it’s grown vastly quickly and to a whopping amount of craziness at this point let’s just say there’s a little bit of controversy between wait weenies and street writers although some street writers are wait we need some wait weenies turn […]