HOW I WASH MY BIKE (cum imi spal bicicleta)

Hi my name is Oliver Today I will make a tutorial How I wash my bike What products do I use It is nothing complicated , it’s just this product It’s the best I’ve used First of all , just spray the bike with the cleaner , no water needed We can use it on […]

DIY Bike Service | 12 MTB Maintenance Things To Do In Isolation

Like many others at the moment, I’m in isolation. So, I thought I’d take this time to make a video about the sorts of things you can do to your bike without having to have many spare parts or even specialist tools. This is isolation overhaul. (dramatic music) Okay, so this video isn’t just a […]

Changing Road Bike Wheel Freehubs & Lubing Jockey Wheels | GCN Tech Clinic #AskGCNTech

(metallic swooshing) – Welcome back to the GCN Tech Clinic, where we’ll try and solve your bike problems that have been pestering you and have stopped you getting out on the bike and enjoying yourself, so if you’ve got one, leave it for me down there in the comment section below, and also, why not […]

My Home and Shop Tour in Denver (March 2020)

hey what’s up I’m Andrew Bacon with Field Treasure Designs and I realize it’s been since October that I’ve posted a YouTube video but since we’re all in quarantine I thought it’d be a great time to tune back in and to show you a little behind the scenes video so since I last saw […]

7 Carpark Skills To Practise On Your Mountain Bike | MTB Skills

– Welcome back you beautiful people, some carpark tricks that you can learn on your bike on the flat ground. I’m out here in the woods, there’s no car park but it’s flat, but there is one down there and I have a bunch that you want to learn. (rock music) (chuckling) – Oh my […]

Sport Bike Slip-On Exhaust Installation : Sport Bike Side Panel Removal

In this clip, we’re going to be going ahead and take off our side panels and that’s going to help us get to the under tail more. So, recollecting, there’s a couple more screws that we’re going to have to get to. We’re going to have to be taking this section off of the bike […]

How to Replace the Sprocket & Chain on a Street Bike : Remove the Rear Wheel of a Street Bike

Hello my names Mario I’m here with Expert Village and I’m going to show you how to change a chain and sprocket on a sport bike. Alright now we’re going to remove the wheels. So this chain guards in the way so what we need to do is just pop these clips in like that. […]

Specialized ENDURO vs YT CAPRA 29: Long-Travel 29er Suspension Design REVIEW

Hey everyone, I’m back with another suspension comparison video this time looking at two long-travel 29ers: The Specialized Enduro and YT Capra 29. Both of these bikes are running a 4-bar horst-link suspension design and feature 170mm of front travel. Out back is 170mm of rear travel on the Enduro and 160mm of rear travel […]

DIY Bicycle Chain Maintenance: Removal, Cleaning, Installation, & Lube of a 10-speed SRAM PowerLock

A quick video here on how to properly maintain your bike chain. I like to completely remove the chain, clean it, put it back on and lube it. The little brush things work fine, but they wear out, they break, and this is sort of the tried-and-true method. My bike’s a three by ten mountain […]

Sport Bike Slip-On Exhaust Installation : Sport Bike Exhaust Removal

Okay in this next section we’re going to go ahead and remove our tail pipe so let?s go ahead and get started on that. We’re going to remove our bottom bolts and then we’re going to remove our U bracket and take off the whole pipe, the exhaust and the lower pipe. Okay so first […]