Street-racer bikes and drift van! Baridori at Mobara Twin Circuit

NORiYARō We’re out here today at Mubara Twin-Circuit and as you can hear from over that wall there There’s drifting going on, but this isn’t only a drift event. There’s also bikes here too. drifting **Smexy Sliding Action** **Memes about Running in The 90s** This event is called “BARIDORI” and the word “BARIBARI” is kind […]

1996 Honda Gold Wing GL1500SE Stock #9-2636 @ Diamond Motor Sports

Hi this is Tim at Diamond Motor Sports, and there’s a lot of bikes I can’t film with the engine running but the Gold Wing isn’t one of them. The Gold Wing is all about smooth and this 1996 model is in absolutely wonderful condition with only 15,000 miles. It’s a great bike at a […]


The Moto GP is a International Racing Competition which help every year because of this we meet Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez, Jorge Lorenzo and other riders. because of the influence of the Moto GP they are launching a many variant of a Sports Bike in a small displacement to big displacement to sell in the […]

Nitron Sport Shock Absorber for Motorcycles

Hello it’s Giles here from HPS and today I’d like to talk about the NITRON Sport Shock Even though this is one of the entry-level NITRON shocks It’s still a high spec., gas pressurised monotube design with many features and a shock which we believe, is by far the highest quality and best value entry […]

Sounds of the Honda Motorcycle Camera | Be Safe Be Seen Stage 6 | 2020 Santos Tour Down Under

Mini Motorbike from Kid Bike with 80cc Bicycle Engine Kit – Part 2

In my last video I converted this bike for kids into a small motorbike I did it using the 80CC motor bicycle kit the project was pretty straight forward I really enjoyed the build and also it was a lot of fun to test out my own creation. And in this video I will finish […]

How To Cycle On The Rollers – Indoor Bike Training With Rochelle Gilmore

The most important thing when you’re setting your rollers up is to find a really flat, smooth surface, and make sure that the rollers are not moving. Next thing that you have to look at is the length of the rollers. The correct length will be a little bit longer than the front axle, so […]

VIETNAM – mein Moped HONDA WIN100 – MotoVlog #4

It’s a HONDA WIN100 even with a ÖHLINS steering damper and a LEO VINCE exhaust of course I have to show you my bike I bought here It’s a HONDA WIN100 it’s a Chinese replica the previous owner suggested it has an original Japan HONDA I don’t know how to check it due to it’s […]