Well my people today issss eeeee November first of 2017 I’m ahhhhhh Birthday 48 years yyyy today yaaaa i want to eeeeeeeee Make this dream a reality MY ADVENTURE FOR AMERICA Is about to start eeeeeee departure date February 13, 2018

Joe Roberts: Earning His Stripes

Last year I was so slow, you know? There were times I was only within a second I wasn’t comfortable at all with my bike or anything last year My goal was to be top 10 it’s kinda funny, I wrote it down in my phone, on my notes “Be in the points every single […]

Aprilia History Sport Bike in Pakistan | ebike.pk


Honda XR 125cc is Chasing Dirt Bikes.!!!

I hope tomorrow everything is going to be alright – I am filming – that’s OK…. just make sure not to stay behind. we will turn soon – we will loose each other, stay with us – we would like to go seaside – we are going to the beach – it’s going to be […]

8yr OLD ON KX 65 DIRT BIKE WIDE OPEN!!!! 2012 Lake Elsinore Grand Prix (GoPro footage)

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Racing Moto for Android Bike Racing game- Androidizen played on Samsung Galaxy S3

Hello everyone. Here we are with Racing Moto There’s a few of these games being released of late This one’s by far the slickest looking It feels quite like the unity game engine. Going to have to wait until I’ve finished this to talk. The graphics are great Actually, the accelerometer is not too twitchy […]

Pin Up Models and a Racing Buell – Clint’s Babes and Bikes

welcome to Clint’s Babes and BIkes we are here at San Diego BMW motorcycles of the 163 this is a very very special motorcycle in my mind and Scott thank you very much for Scott works are sending a BMW motorcycles this is a carbon fiber beauty tell us about this bike okay well uh […]

Street-racer bikes and drift van! Baridori at Mobara Twin Circuit

NORiYARō We’re out here today at Mubara Twin-Circuit and as you can hear from over that wall there There’s drifting going on, but this isn’t only a drift event. There’s also bikes here too. drifting **Smexy Sliding Action** **Memes about Running in The 90s** This event is called “BARIDORI” and the word “BARIBARI” is kind […]

1996 Honda Gold Wing GL1500SE Stock #9-2636 @ Diamond Motor Sports

Hi this is Tim at Diamond Motor Sports, and there’s a lot of bikes I can’t film with the engine running but the Gold Wing isn’t one of them. The Gold Wing is all about smooth and this 1996 model is in absolutely wonderful condition with only 15,000 miles. It’s a great bike at a […]