Races to Places SE12 EP07 – Angola – Adventure Motorcycling Documentary Ft. Lyndon Poskitt

It’s all these old trucks and army vehicles, just laying upside down, wheels, trailers. Last time on races to places: Basil and Lyndon did a little bit of showboating. Golden Road driving. Yesterday afternoon, look, many stunts. Wow, this looks nice. You like stunts? I slept in a locals house, called Jose. He let us […]

1996 Honda Gold Wing GL1500SE Stock #9-2636 @ Diamond Motor Sports

Hi this is Tim at Diamond Motor Sports, and there’s a lot of bikes I can’t film with the engine running but the Gold Wing isn’t one of them. The Gold Wing is all about smooth and this 1996 model is in absolutely wonderful condition with only 15,000 miles. It’s a great bike at a […]

What’s inside the YouTube Gold Play Button?

(drilling) – Welcome to the video that we never thought we’d make. I’m Lincoln and this is Dan from What’s Inside and today, we have our gold play button. – I can’t believe it’s finally here. (cheers) – Whoa. That is huge. – We would not be here without YouTube. There’s no other platform like […]

Learn English Words! Family Room with Sign Post Kids!

Let’s go see what my brother and sisters are doing Everybody freeze! This is my sister, Carlei and she is playing cards! Look it! I see numbers! This is the number two! Three and four Five Six Seven and eight! Look it! I see a letter too! This is the letter “A”! There is the […]


hello welcome to north and south mike and I I am megan travel sometimes with our nine kids and live in a rv

Why Diamond Doors Don’t Exist – Minecraft

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Raymond Warner Signature Phoenix Reventon Pro Deck Joshua Hung Scooter Check Clip 2012

hi I'm Joshua hyung and this is my scooter check with my new scooter fort so yeah so we're going to start from the top I got black ODI long necks they're worn in they're really nice had them for like six months and some plastic black ODI bar ends yeah they're holding up great […]

2008 QLink Legacy stock #9-0722 demo ride & walk around @ Diamond Motor Sports

hi this is Tim at diamond motor sports and I'm here with a qlink legacy this is a small 250 cc fully automatic bike it really rides a lot like a scooter but yet it looks like a motorcycle so if you're looking for something that's really really really easy to ride it's phenomenal gas […]

Justin Gatlin wins tight 100m over Powell at Diamond League 11 5 2012

Paul gets a pretty good start much better than Gatlin get power already in the lead Carter going well alongside him and here comes Justin Gatlin all running down Powell will you hang on to it i'll try to hold on it's closed on the line of government gets it 987 it is quick it's […]