Cycling Safety Tips for Riding Bicycle in Monsoon Rain.

Hi Guys , Welcome to Honey Bee Adventures I am Akshay , This is JP so today we are going to give you Tips for Riding in Monsoon, the rains have come and we have to show what exactly happens when you Ride in Monsoon ! Thank you Here are some Tips to Ride in […]

Training on Zwift – IRONMAN Champion – Jan Frodeno | Zwift

It is ridiculous. I live in a cycling paradise. I live in a running paradise. I’m 38 years-old. I’ve gone around the world with my sport, and I’m trying to be Level 47 on Zwift. There are a few parts to my first encounter on Zwift. One was a serious road rage incident — which […]

The Tech Room by Wilier Triestina | Wilier 0 SLR

Welcome to a new Tech Room video from Wilier Triestina. Today we’re going to talk about the Wilier 0 SLR, which is the latest road race bike from Wilier and is a super lightweight road bike with disc brakes and also fully integrated cables. The design objective for this bike was to produce a disc […]

DIY Bike Rollers For Riding At Home On Your Bicycle | Is It A Hack or Bodge?

– Welcome back you beautiful people and welcome to my messy ass garage! Now, today I’ve been inspired, inspired to build something and I’ve just been introduced to this app, it’s called the GCN app, I know, yeah, it’s our counterpart and they’re roadies and what’re you doin’ on a roadie app? Well, this app […]

Taiwan Cycling Trip: Taipei to Jiufen Historic Street & Shifen Waterfall (九份 + 十分大瀑布)

good morning Taiwan – Two Wheel Cruise here! bright and early here in Taipei and we’ve got a big fun ride in store for today today we’re gonna be riding to if I can paralysis correctly the Jonathan old Street which is one of the more popular tourist destinations here in Taipei it’s about a […]

Four Weeks Of Fitness | Si’s Isolation Challenge

Speaker 1: You don’t need me to tell you that the world is a very different place now to what it was just a few months ago. I’m currently at home as you might well see in social isolation because two of my family members are at particularly high risk from coronavirus. We’re hunkering down […]

Is Gravel Riding For Road Cyclists Or Mountain Bikers?

– What is gravel riding? Well we’ve joked a bit on GMBN it’s a bit like old school mountain biking but with drop bars on something that looks a bit like a road bike, or actually, more accurately, like a cyclocross bike. But the questions been buzzing around my head, who actually does this? Is […]

Cycling Nutrition Myths Busted | Bad Sport Dieting Advice To Avoid

– Nutritional advice can be a minefield. We’re going to help steer you carefully through some of the most popular and some of the worst advice that we’ve heard over the years. (upbeat music) Fasted is faster. There is a lot of hot debate out there on the internet about training in a faster state […]

Do You Play Any Other Sports Outside Of Cycling? | Ask The Pros At The Ovo Women’s Tour

– Do pro cyclists do any other sports apart from cycling? We’re here at the Women’s Tour to find out. (upbeat music) Do you do any other sports aside from cycling, especially in the off season? – Mountain biking. Yeah, so I guess it’s kind of cycling but just getting around a bit of fun. […]