Removing stripped master cylinder screws WITHOUT damaging the master cylinder cap Part 1

alright guys today we're going to start doing hydraulic brake bleeding and I've talked about this before about stripped bolts now the heads of these bolts actually look fine they're not stripped yet because I put my screwdriver in here they wanting to strip the other thing that we know is happening is that the […]

How to Tell If Your Throttle Body is Dirty (Bad) Fix Bad Throttle Body GM Cars

when you press your gas pedal down youYou have flap opening going back and forth this is the throttle body thisis where your air comes in and what happens a lot of times we get caught alot of calls about this cars won't idle good they'll Hesitate when Accelerating or taking off so if thisis […]

Windshield Visor Strip

hey thanks for watching this video I'm going to show you one of the methods I use to do the visor strips across the top of the windshield when there is actually factory 10 already there this makes it hard to see through the glass in order to cut the pattern so these are the […]

Clutch Plate ख़राब हो गई कैसे पता करें ? Clutch Plate ठीक रखने के तरीके !


Gotway MSX Electric Unicycle – POV Street & MTB Trail Review

I'm out here today riding the got–we MSX I wanted to do a little bit of a review on this thing but I am just really really impressed with the performance of this wheel it's definitely another level for electric unicycles this takes it a step up a notch with off-road capability tire with not […]