Supermoto & moped summer 2019 – Compilation

Damn, how many, damn. Are you recording too? Yes He over filled his tank and now he’s trying to spill some of it out. (Laughter) This is quality stuff right here (Kicked moped with leg) (laughter) Gas, gas, gas (Laughter) Did you see that last time I tried to wheelie? No, I dropped the plastic […]


We’re going to Ocean Shores. Got this sweet place from an isolated in Alice let us stay there for the night Got Anubis Yeah, right what are you talking about? You know though? That’s actually like oh? This is one Bowl what will one Tony the Tiger was Watching you I Didn’t get it get […]

How Safe Are Fixed Gear Bikes On City Streets? | GCN Show Ep. 326

– Welcome to the GCN Show, brought to you by Wiggle. – Hopefully my sign language is slightly better than my pronunciations, otherwise I’ve no idea what I’ve just said. But anyway, thank you, Kern, for your introduction. Coming up this week, are brakeless, fixed-gear bikes safe on city streets? Hank and Chris try and […]


Hi everybody ! I hope you are well ! Today I’m super fine ! I received this little package ! It’s my new bike! We will make a small unboxing of the cardboard We will built this bike together! Let’s go ! The color is just crazy ! Soo the bike is ready to ride […]

The Craziest Mountain Bike Fails Of The Month | GMBN’s February Fails & Bails Reel

– Welcome back, you beautiful people! And welcome to this month’s Fails And Bails, where we’ve pulled out all the fails and bails that we do on our weekly show. It’s called The Dirt Shed Show, and if you’ve never heard of it, you should watch it, ’cause we do it every week, and it’s […]

How Tough Are Enduro Bikes? | Asking Pro Mechanics At The EWS

– So were here at the World Enduro Series. I’m going to take a walk of the pits to talk to some of the pro mechanics to ask what it takes to look after a bike at an EWS race. (Music plays) I’m with Todd from SRAM Rockshox. You look after everyone’s bikes. From amateurs […]

Female moped rider found in cardiac arrest

An 18 year old woman is dead — after apparently crashing her moped on Lunalilo Home Road. Emergency Medical Service officials say it happened around 11 last night near Kaiser High School. An initial investigation shows — she lost control and struck a metal pole. Police officials say she was not wearing a helmet. It’s […]