Trail Bike Vs XC Bike With Annie Last

– [Neil] Cross-country bikes need to be good at an awful lot of things. Above all, they need to be really fast climbers, but they also need to be good at riding down in technical sections. – [Annie] So let’s have a look at how my cross-country race bike differs from Neil’s trail bike. ♪ […]

How To Win Bike Races | The Art Of The Sprint Lead Out

– [Narrator] Winning bike races. Now there are a few techniques that will help increase the chances of a team’s victory. Time after time again, pros like Potocki, Cipollini and Mark Cavendish very much relied on the lead out. But what is it? – The lead out, delivering the fastest finisher in your team, or […]

Getting My Confidence Back! – MTB Freeride Session FPV | Luis Gerstner

Cheers guys, I got some new troy lee signature gloves sponsored by BAUHAUS. We are back at the Jump Spot with jonas, let’s see if we still got it. Let’s go for some turns! I didn’t get the turn properly. That would have been enough speed. Damn it, now he sends it first :/ Did […]

This is MTB Himalaya : Journey to Shimla

Oh f*$# $%&*! How you doin’ man? Good, you? Good good. On to the next one. The first leg from Atlanta to Newark was like the drumlet of the chicken and then now we’re on to like the drumstick of the chicken or maybe more like a turkey drumstick because this next flight’s gonna be […]

How to Ride Motocross Bikes : How to Master Tight Turns in Motocross Racing

I’m Chris Kelley and we are here with Expert Village. Turns – they are out there, you have been riding around, you are feeling pretty good, you got your jumping down pretty good but your body still flies by in the turn. It drives you crazy. Turns are the key. If you can master a […]

How To Change The Bearings In Your Mountain Bikes Front Wheel | MTB Maintenance

– Changing the sealed bearings in your front hub, it’s actually a short punchy job and shouldn’t take very long to do, let’s go through it. Bike-specific pulleys and presses, well they’re absolutely lovely to use. But in solidarity with our home mechanics I’m not going to be using them today. First things first, let’s […]

Exploring Kyrgyzstan by Bicycle – Part 3/3 – #39

We arrived in the village Olga is buying groceries And Olgas bike made… Some noises and we couldn’t figure out from where And here We found it The screw at the rack Is broken The rack is loose But luckily There is still enough of the screw to screw it out With my pliers And […]

How to Replace the Sprocket & Chain on a Street Bike : Install a Rear Wheel on a Street Bike

Hello, my name is Mario. I’m here with Expert Village, and I’m going to show you how to change a chain and sprocket on a sport bike. Alright, now that we’ve guided the chain through, we’re going to put the wheel back on. So, we’ll just roll it into place. Make sure you have those […]

How Fast Can You Go On A Mountain Bike? | GMBN Speed Challenge

– It can feel super fast bombing those downhill runs on your mountain bike, but just how fast are you going? An average speed for a normal ride for me is something about 11 or 12 miles an hour, so pretty slow. Max speed’s something like 20, 25, so not really that fast. But today […]