A Short History of the Bicycle Rickshaw | NZH Travel

There are 9 million bicycles in Beijing, . . . according to Katie Melua. And that’s not counting the bicycle rickshaws. Cheaper than horse power, cleaner than a petrol engine And much quicker than walking. The humble peddle cab is everywhere. But to understand how this strange love child of East and Western engineering came […]

Varadero to Matanzas – Cuba Bicycle Tour 2018 – Part 6

– 8:30 in the morning. On our way to Matanzas. Our last bike ride, 40K. – [Mike] Just leaving Varadero. We’re actually on our way to breakfast. So it’s gonna be about all of a two minute ride. – The place we were gonna go to isn’t open yet so we just stopped at this […]

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water Official Movie Clip – Bicycle (2014) – Animated Movie HD

– Hey, guys! I smell Krabby Patties! I think it’s this way! (all screaming) Now what? – We’re never gonna make it. – Huh? – (SpongeBob, repeating) Heave! – (Patrick, repeating) Ho! – We’re doing it, guys! – (skateboarder) Dude, watch out! – Hold on! – (screams) – SpongeBob! – Huh? Lean! – Starboard! (grunts) […]

Unwinding an LTO backup tape with a bicycle.

Okay, so today I have something a little bit unusual to show you. This is an LTO backup tape. Now typically this is used in a business environment. My company doesn’t use these anymore, So I thought maybe I could find something interesting to do with them. Okay, so first of all all the boring […]

We Got New Bikes!

– I told the girls that I when I pick them up I would have a special surprise for them. Are you excited to hear what our surprise is today? – [Girls] Yeah! (upbeat music) (cheering) – Do you think they’re excited at all? I can’t tell. Sitting outside of the Belle Meade Plantation which […]

Florida Avenue NE and K Street NE Community Bike Ride

well I’m really proud of this team effort this was a collaboration of folks from all across our agency to deploy a quick build bike lane on the length of Florida Avenue and today we went out with the with members of the public members of the community to to inaugurate this and we are […]

Bicycle Elite Edition from Penguin Magic // DECK REVIEW

Hello, and welcome back to another review. I’m jason silberman and today I’m going to be reviewing a very hot deck of cards the bicycle Elite edition these are From Penguin Magic and this is the second shipment they sold out Within 24 hours their first release the one thing that makes it very special […]