Anchorage GRIT – Girls Riding Into Tomorrow

Most of the people that I told were like, “Whoa! Really? Like, you’re going on this trip? You’re you’re doing this? Where are you going? How are you getting there?” All these types of things and I said, “I’m biking,” and they’re like, “Are you sure you can handle that?” And I, being me, I […]

How To Use The Gears On Your Bike Properly

Hi there, it’s Peter from the Over 40 Cyclist. Today I wanted to give you a little tip about using your gears that might both save you some money and also reduce a little noise while you’re riding your bike. Of course everyone is aware that on a road bike you have 2 sets of […]

Hinton Mountain Bike Park

Hi, I’m Mike Jodeland, Vice President of the Hinton Mountain Bike Association, and welcome tot he Hinton Mountain Bike Park. Mountain biking for me? That means freedom. You know, you get out on the trail, there’s no lanes, there’s no speed limits, there’s no stop signs. The trails whatever you want it to be, you […]

Review: Analog Motion’s AM1 wants to be your first e-bike

Oh, didn’t see you there. E-bikes are big business these days. The industry is absolutely booming and we’re covering them more and more on TNW. With things like the VanMoof and the Cowboy, the technology behind them has just got so much more advanced and interesting. But those two bikes — as fantastic as they […]

DIY Bike Service | 12 MTB Maintenance Things To Do In Isolation

Like many others at the moment, I’m in isolation. So, I thought I’d take this time to make a video about the sorts of things you can do to your bike without having to have many spare parts or even specialist tools. This is isolation overhaul. (dramatic music) Okay, so this video isn’t just a […]

Changing Road Bike Wheel Freehubs & Lubing Jockey Wheels | GCN Tech Clinic #AskGCNTech

(metallic swooshing) – Welcome back to the GCN Tech Clinic, where we’ll try and solve your bike problems that have been pestering you and have stopped you getting out on the bike and enjoying yourself, so if you’ve got one, leave it for me down there in the comment section below, and also, why not […]

How to Pick a Bicycle : Tandem Biking

Hi, I’m Aaron Phillips for Expert Village and you’re watching “Choosing the right bike for You.” You might be looking at this and just going, what is that? Some kind of piddly freight train. It’s a tandem bike. It’s a great way for you, and a person with whom you have a good trusting relationship, […]

The Ultimate Vintage Mountain Bike Collection | Retro MTB Tech

– Bit of an unusual feature for me today, I’ve actually had a phone call from a friend of mine called Sandy, and he owns this bike shop. It’s called the Trailhead Bicycle Company, it’s here in Shrewsbury in Shropshire, UK. In fact, this is where Neil’s from, it’s his home town, in fact, one […]

Down-Country Vs Trail Full Suspension Mountain Bikes | What’s The Difference & What’s Right For You?

– Off road riding has always been about the great outdoors, the throw a single track, and for a lot of people having a really good workout, that’s fun. Now as the sports progressed over the years, it’s divided into different identities, different niches, different genres, all under the same name of mountain biking. – […]