Nick Antonyan (JONAH)’s Moped Stunt Almost Killed Him – I S**t You Not

– Hey guys, my name is Nick Antonyan, and I shit you not I almost passed away making a YouTube video. Would I do it again? Fuck yeah! (laughs) I woke up in the morning, I watched a couple videos on dudes jumping dirt bikes over half-pipes, I thought it would be really funny to […]

Trading Places – April 5, 2020 (Televised Version)

male announcer: The following program is paid for by the friends and partners of “Touching Lives.” James Merritt: You don’t have the moral authority to go to God on your own. You don’t have the spiritual ability to go into the presence of a holy God on your own. Somebody’s gotta bring you to him. […]

The New ROSE REVEAL endurance bike

Hi, I’m Marta and I’m working for ROSE Bikes. Today, I would like to present to you our new Endurance bike, the REVEAL. In front of me, you can see the new REVEAL Four Disc Ultegra in Shiny Aurora/Lightning-Yellow and frame size 53. It is, however, also available in frame sizes 50 to 64. Compared […]

Races to Places SE12 EP07 – Angola – Adventure Motorcycling Documentary Ft. Lyndon Poskitt

It’s all these old trucks and army vehicles, just laying upside down, wheels, trailers. Last time on races to places: Basil and Lyndon did a little bit of showboating. Golden Road driving. Yesterday afternoon, look, many stunts. Wow, this looks nice. You like stunts? I slept in a locals house, called Jose. He let us […]

#106 Stepping in a Box: Exercises for a Baby with Low Tone

Hello! My name is Amy Sturkey. I am a pediatric physical therapist with about 30 years of clinical practice. I am here with my friend Myla who has low tone We are working on early walking skills. One of the things you can do is simply get a box lid and practice having children walk […]


hello good morning and welcome to you another little studio vlog I have my hair up because could not be bothered to wash it and it’s gone a but crazy so ignore the frizzy mess that that is and I’ve also put on a full face of makeup don’t know why because I’m not filming […]

Training on Zwift – IRONMAN Champion – Jan Frodeno | Zwift

It is ridiculous. I live in a cycling paradise. I live in a running paradise. I’m 38 years-old. I’ve gone around the world with my sport, and I’m trying to be Level 47 on Zwift. There are a few parts to my first encounter on Zwift. One was a serious road rage incident — which […]


Are you coming? He’s speaking on the phone again David is already here, the boys have prepared the electric motorcycles already So let’s go ride! But first…moto boots, pads, helmets It’s so cold, around 0*C Yoo Yo! Are we going to ride today and vlog?! Allright, we’re going to ride and vlog! It’s going to […]

Cargo bike in Swedish Royal park maintenance (ENG subtitles)

Today I’ll bring a clearing saw on the cargo bike other tools to load up is the brushcutter, leaf blower, rake, weed remover sometimes I bring baskets too The bikes are great when removing weed on small areas For the gravel paths we bring the wheel hoe we can bring almost anything on the cargo […]

What is British Cycling ride leadership?

Ride leading is very much about engaging with your group, keeping them safe whilst they’re on the ride and encouraging them to come back and start that journey in cycling wherever that is Ride leading for me I think is facilitating the ride making sure that the riders have a great time, it’s fun it’s […]