Custom Water Bottles – 20 oz Colored Plastic Sports and Bike Bottle TSB100

Hi, welcome to Totally Promotional. This video is spotlights our best-selling 20 ounce Colored Plastic Sports and Bike Bottle. We offer over 10 different product colors and over 20 imprint colors to showcase your logo, message or event details. We also offer a free second-side imprint. You can use the same design on both sides […]

Jumps, Drop Offs and Compressions | GMBN’s Crash Course Ep. 4

(explosions) (glass shattering) – This is episode three of Crash Course, where we look at your crashes. Not for entertainment purposes, but to try and help you guys out. I’m going to take a real detailed look at them, look at them in slow motion, see if there’s any reason why you fell off, and […]

Colin HATES His New Bike!!!

– I told the girls that I when I pick them up I would have a special surprise for them. Are you excited to hear what our surprise is today? – [Girls] Yeah! (upbeat music) (cheering) – Do you think they’re excited at all? I can’t tell. Sitting outside of the Belle Meade Plantation which […]

Liegerad Frühlingstour in die Weinberge von Durbach im Schwarzwald [Recumbent Trike Tour]

Good morning! This morning we are planning a small recumbent trike tour into the vineyards of Durbach (Black Fores, Germany). And then we will just have a look on the way how it will be. See you! The weather is not so exhilarating yet, it is very windy, almost stormy. So we have to see […]

Real Reason For Undertaker At WrestleMania! WWE Raw Review! WWE Talent LEAVING?! | WrestleTalk News

The real reason Undertaker is working WrestleMania. Could another WWE talent be winding down their work for the company? And all the biggest news from last night’s Raw! Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk Super Review-News, I’m Oli Davis. And to kick things off, here’s the 17th February January, 2020 episode of Monday Night Raw… […]

Sport Bike Tips and Gear : Sport Bike Riding Basics

Hi, my name is Chad and I’m going to talk a little bit more about sport bikes. I’m going to cover riding basics. A motorcycle- any motorcycle, but especially a sport bike- is controlled by your body position on your bike. Because sport bikes are made to handle very quickly- turn left, turn right, make […]

My Bike Gear: Reviewed!

Dblocks Delivers a new SE Bike!

Check out little man. Check out the stickers on that bike, though. Hey! Hold up, hold up. Check out how he did the stickers, though. Like, he bought the stickers & made his own SE bike. How old are you? Eleven. Eleven out here catching blocks. Yo, we gotta get you a new bike, all […]