How Elon Musk Makes Money Out Of Thin Air (for Tesla, SpaceX & The Boring Company)

How Elon Musk Makes Money Out Of Thin Air (for Tesla, SpaceX & The Boring Company)

Hey, I’m Steven and this is Solving The
Money Problem. If you’re new, welcome. If you’re not, welcome back. Just a quick shout out to my wonderful Patreon
supporters. There’s now over 300 of you. I’m blown away to have your support so thanks
again. So in this video we’re talking about monetizing
residual capabilities. In other words, how Elon Musk finds inventive
ways to make or save money, essentially out of thin air, by tapping existing technology
in a new way. This applies to Tesla, SpaceX and The Boring
Company. I’ll share examples of each. By the end of this video, you’ll see how
these companies, together, will make billions of dollars of profits by finding opportunities
to stack innovations upon one another and by leveraging technology in novel ways. Let’s drive in. Tesla Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s
transition to sustainable energy. To be fair, they have. And are. More so than any other company on the planet. You may think Tesla is a car company. IT IS NOT. Tesla is an energy company whose core technologies
are batteries and software — both of which are in MOST of their products, including vehicles. Note I didn’t use the word “car”. A Tesla is not a car. It’s a computer on wheels. While its external form looks familiar, that’s
about as far as the similarities go. Most people still don’t get this, but they
will. And because a Tesla vehicle is a computer
on wheels, Elon Musk has found and is capitalizing on a handful of residual capabilities worth
billions, that no automaker or self-driving company has a hope of replicating. This matters. Full self-driving Tesla will win full self-driving. I rarely make such audacious claims, but this
is one I’m willing to stand by so, hold me accountable, internet. There are many companies attempting to solve
full self-driving. The two most notable besides Tesla are Cruise,
owned by General Motors, and Waymo, which was spun out of Google’s self driving project. Cruise and Waymo have a very narrow focus
— solving full self driving. To do this, they both fit an expensive sensor
suite to an existing vehicle, and then effectively pay engineers on six-figure salaries to drive
the vehicles and collect data. This is both arduously slow and stupendously
expensive but data is how full self-driving will be won. I won’t give a lesson in deep learning today,
but the importance of data — LOTS OF IT — cannot be overstated. Whoever has the most data WILL win. To date, Cruise has driven just a few million
autonomous miles. Waymo, about 20 million miles. Tesla? A little over TWO BILLION miles. Tesla’s data lead is about TWO ORDERS OF
MAGNITUDE more than second place. This data is incredibly valuable in monetary
terms. Autonomous driving will be a trillion dollar
industry. And this is our first example of a residual
capability. While Cruise and Waymo are spending six figures
per vehicle to collect a piddly amount of data, and falling further behind, Tesla has
outsmarted everyone and is pulling further ahead. See, Tesla has been manufacturing vehicles
for years with all the necessary sensors to not only drive autonomously in the future,
but those same sensors today are COLLECTING data and training the AI — a residual capability. Tesla’s fleet is a million strong and every
time a driver intervenes with autopilot engaged, the data is sent back to base and used to
improve the self-driving AI. It’s like when you search Google. Every time you do this, you’re training
Google’s search AI to be better. Once Google’s user base hit a critical mass,
no one had a hope of catching them. This is why we don’t “search” for things
now. We “Google” them. In effect, when a customer buys a Tesla, they
are paying TESLA for the privilege of collecting data to improve their self-driving AI. Meanwhile, Cruise and Waymo first buy a car,
then fit expensive hardware, then pay someone to drive it around. At this point, no one has a hope in hell of
catching Tesla on full self-driving. It’s game over. Over The Air Updates and Upgrades Can you believe that in 2020 there’s only
one vehicle manufacturer on earth who can provide over-the-air updates AND upgrades
to their vehicles? Like, seriously. It’s 2020. In fairness, this makes sense. Automotive manufacturers are good at hardware
and manufacturing but in general, suck **** at software. Then along comes Tesla, who make a computer
on wheels, and are great at software. By building “smart” vehicles, Tesla created
a number of residual capabilities. Tesla’s get BETTER after you buy them. I don’t just mean the infotainment. I don’t just mean new features like sentry
mode, dog mode or smart summon. Although those are cool. I’m also talking about over-the-air PERFORMANCE
and FEATURE upgrades. Being a computer on wheels, Tesla can basically
overclock their vehicles. Tesla has increased RANGE over the air. Increased ACCELERATION over the air. Decreased braking distance over the air. Increased charging speeds. These are real, legitimate performance improvements
that are simply impossible to offer in a “dumb car”. Many of these are free but others come with
a price, like the $2,000 acceleration upgrade or the $300 rear heated seats upgrade. The amazing part is for Tesla, this is money
out of thin air. Just a few lines of code. Truly absurd. In the future, we’ll no doubt see a slew
of new infotainment and performance upgrades, along with an expansive app store. All able to make your car better after you
buy it. And the only reason any of this is possible
is because of the residual capabilities of a computer on wheels. Are you noticing a pattern? Robotaxis This is the holy grail. Once Tesla solves full self-driving and has
regulatory approval for robotaxis, everything changes. This is the single most important example
of a residual capability. All Tesla vehicles manufactured since October
2016 have the necessary hardware for full self-driving. With the push of a button, Tesla will launch
its Robotaxi app and overnight, practically its entire fleet awakens. Suddenly your Tesla can go to work and earn
you money any time of day or night. Not only will this cause one of the biggest
ever step-changes in an asset value — think about it, a car that can passively bring in
twenty, fourty, fifty thousand dollars a year in revenue is surely worth more than one that
can’t — but it will send Tesla’s valuations skyrocketing. They’ll take a cut of every robotaxi fare. Out of seemingly nowhere, Tesla will see a
flood of BILLIONS in annual profits. All the result of a residual capability. Once again, Elon Musk has swung his giant
brain around and outsmarted everyone. Finding another way to print billions out
of thin air. It’s this next-level thinking, and Tesla’s
ability to stack innovation upon innovation, to find new ways to monetize existing products
and to move at such an embarrassingly disruptive pace that no one has a hope of catching them
on anything that matters — it’s because of this that Tesla makes up the vast majority
of my stock portfolio. I’m not just investing in Tesla for today. I’m investing because I see so many residual
capabilities that will increase revenue and profits in the future. Speaking of investing (and what a segway). WeBull have extended their offer for US viewers
until the end of this month. If you’d like to help out the channel and
get up to 2 free stocks, use the link in the description. SpaceX The mission of SpaceX is to make life multiplanetary. The most important step in achieving this
is developing a fully and rapidly reusable rocket. I shed tears of joy when I watched SpaceX
land its first Falcon 9 booster in 2015. As a lifelong space nerd, I knew how monumental
this moment was. Since then, SpaceX have nailed dozens of Falcon
landings. It’s becoming routine, but there’s still
some work to go. From a hardware point of view, SpaceX is moving
toward a SINGLE product. Starship. This ****-off massive ship is how we will
colonize Mars. Elon Musk estimates we’ll need about 1,000
starships. In the meantime, Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy
wil be used to launch payloads to orbit until Starship is ready. Starlink To date, SpaceX is the ONLY company who can
re-use their orbital-class rockets. This brings their launch costs down by a STAGGERING
amount and accounts for why SpaceX is doing more than half of all launches worldwide. And with lower launch costs come residual
opportunities that were previously impossible. Not only can SpaceX launch other people’s
stuff for pennies on the dollar, but they can launch their OWN stuff which creates an
opportunity to do things that literally NO OTHER COMPANY ON PLANET EARTH CAN. Like Starlink, an internet constellation that
will ultimately provide broadband access to every square inch of the planet, give or take. Starlink looks set to bring in billions of
revenue annually and the entire business is ONLY possible because of reusability. Starlink, which could become a $100 billion
dollar company is basically a happy accident of trying to colonize mars. Talk about a residual capability. Starship Earth To Earth This week I released an exclusive video for
my Patreon supporters on why Starship Earth To Earth Transport will make billions. Soon after, I realized many of you were unaware
of this residual opportunity so let’s watch this clip from 2017. In a nutshell, Starship will be used to transport
people anywhere on earth in under an hour. It sounds pretty whack, but SpaceX President
and COO Gwynne Shotwell has been very clear that Starship Earth to Earth WILL happen. THIS decade. With capacity for 100 passengers, the ability
to fly more than a dozen times in a day since the trips are so short, and with tickets set
to be priced somewhere between an economy and business class flight — a few thousand
dollars — the numbers get crazy real fast. I know it sounds mad, but SpaceX will be competing
with major airlines and private jets by the end of this decade. All because of a residual opportunity coming
from reusability. It won’t just be celebrities, CEOs, presidents
and athletes using the service, but business travellers, holidaymakers and more. And then there’s the time thing. If you need to move something or someone to
another place on earth as fast as possible, Starship will be the ONLY option. Imagine a medical emergency… or an urgent matter of national security. While Starship Earth to Earth transport probably
won’t become the next American Airlines, it will nevertheless be an important piece
of the revenue pie which is kind of amazing considering that’s not why Starship’s
being built. The Boring Company As the name alludes, The Boring Company digs
tunnels. Faster, smarter and better than everyone else. Surprise, surprise. Elon Musk innovating again. But it’s not just the greatly improved speed,
or significantly reduced costs of tunnelling that show the innovations of The Boring Company. It’s what they do with the mess. Instead of having to dispose of tonnes of
muck as they dig, The Boring Company makes bricks out of the waste. Really. Some of these bricks can be used to reinforce
the tunnel walls, others are given away for public housing and the rest, sold. So yeah. When you have a big brain and innovate for
breakfast, you can even find a way to sell dirt. Elon Musk has proven himself as a master of
extracting new value and opportunity from an existing product or technology. Not once, not twice, but many times, across
many companies. The end result is that these 170 IQ moves
will make billions out of thin air, embarrass much of the so-called “competition” and
inspire others to follow suit. Elon Musk is operating on another level. People fail to see the hidden potential buried
in the products and technology his companies create. Hhe’s laying the foundations for future
revenue and no doubt, he’ll think of dozens more ways to print billions in the future. Your job is to pay attention and to notice. As an investor, if you identify opportunity
before others, you’re at a distinct advantage. What other seeds of potential are germinating
beneath the surface of Tesla, SpaceX and The Boring Company? Time will tell. I’m Steven Mark Ryan, this is Solving The
Money Problem and I love you all, Thanks so much for watching. Let me know your thoughts in the comments
below. What is the most exciting residual opportunity? Can you think of others? And of course, if you have any ideas for future
videos, let me know. I read ALL your comments. p.s. If you’re still watching, you’re AWESOME. This channel has kind of blown up since it
launched and I’m working on making the best possible content for you guys, but it takes
time. Consider supporting the channel at
so I can continue creating content for you guys. There’s a link in the description. Either way, the best form of support is you
being here and watching, so thanks again.

100 thoughts on “How Elon Musk Makes Money Out Of Thin Air (for Tesla, SpaceX & The Boring Company)

  • Some comments about FSD and robotaxis. Data isn't everything, but it is table stakes. Tesla has enough data now and does not yet have FSD. Wickedly clever SW is required. Tesla appears to be in the lead here, but Waymo may also be in good shape. They need the data and need to transition to cost effective HW, but this amounts to a lead of several years since they will likely license to a car manufacturer. A lot, but not insurmountable. Robotaxis will reshape the automotive world. There will be a transition away from car ownership and this will GREATLY reduce the number of cars on the road. While this is looking like Tesla will own that market, it will only be a fraction of the current number of cars. An important detail.

  • Have you looked into's open-source self driving stuff? It's pretty much the only autopilot alternative out there that's even comparable.

    They're a much smaller company and their devices are much lower power than Teslas (they're essentially smartphones) and it's already comparable to Autopilot and in some ways better (like attention detection) with far less miles driven compared to Teslas.

    I bring this up because, as their code is open-source, it means it's open standard like Linux or android than can be used by any car manufacturer.
    I'll repeat that, there's an opensource and that's already comparable and in some ways better than Tesla's Autopilot and could be used by competitors literally any time.

    Openpilot requires far far far lower specs that Autopilot does, so could even be added to some cars already out, or added to upcoming cars way cheaper than it costs Tesla to have all that hardware int heir cars.

    I bring this up because It's worth considering every avenue that Tesla could be challenged on, and that pillar of your argument definitely isn't as strong as most people think it is, especially as TODAY you can buy a $1000 device, called the Comma Two, plug into an existing car, and just have the autopilot experience.

    All the things you say about the big competitors are for sure true though, Weymo and Cruise are miles behind and taking the completely wrong avenue.

  • What will it look like when Tesla moves to take over the car market? They started expensive and as they got efficient and batteries got cheaper, they made progressively cheaper cars. What's next? Part of this question requires an understanding of what range is required. Since we will soon be able to charge 20%-80% in 5 minutes and there are more chargers all the time, having a very large range matters less and less. I'd like to know your thoughts on what it will look like as Tesla moves to take over the rest of the car market.

  • So does this mean that if I owned a Tesla car/computer, it could serve as a RoboTaxi whenever I'm not driving it or recharging?

  • Steven, at the rate and quality level you are pushing out these videos, it makes my arguments easy for me. All I have to do is share the video or tell them about the channel, because we are saying the same thing about what matters and how to look at what Elon is doing. Keep them coming.

  • Could you make a film about Zip2 and how Elon and his brother earn their first fortune?

    Intresting facts:
    – Zip2 was "YellowPages for internet". Their success was based for example, that they were able to convince Navteq company to give them for FREE big set of maps in vector format. Navteq spend 300 milions of dollars to build this dataset. In early slow days of internet, that was the only way to render quickly in the program a map for a user. Map in vector takes few kilobytes, Map in JPEG takes megabytes (at least 3 orders of 3 orders of magnitude). Such maps were worth at least hundreds of milions, but only if you were able to extract value from it.

    more about this in (Third Row Tesla Podcast with Elon and his brother Kimbal)

    – Another interesting fact is… that Elon is a master in going through tough times. They sold Zip2 to Compaq literally weeks before crash happen. Elon just said, that it was absurd how much they were willing to give him, so he took an offer. Brilliant move, great timing. 2 months later, he would probably get pennies on a dollar.

    In 2008 he helped survive SpaceX and Tesla despite the fact that both companies were supper risky investments. You need to be a genius to find people to give you a money in such conditions.

    Fast forward, 2020… and Tesla raises additional 2,7 billions of dollars, despite the fact that they said that they don't need to do that and they won't do that. But once again… Elon recognized quickly market condition, and took additional money from a market just before another crash. This example alone could be an excident… but after selling Zip2 just before bubble it looks more like a pattern for me.

    Feel free to use any of this information in your videos. Maybe this will be an inspiration. A video would be about Elon in times of crisis… and history shows.. that he a master of handling crisis well… in one way or another…. and this matters 🙂

    Best regards,

  • Steven; I would like you to do a comprehensive show on the challenges the legacy manufacturers face in trying to catch Tesla. The dealer network system being an anchor trying to pull them under, the transition costs in shutting down an existing product while trying to design & manufacture a new one, the corporate structure that moves at a snails pace and leaves loads of money on the table due to outsourcing, the lack of awareness as to how fast this is likely to happen. It would be very interesting & I although I think Tesla followers get it, they will likely learn something as well & LOTS of others don't get it & you can educate them!!

  • Since there is [theoretically] nothing to crash into and no intersections to navigate in a tunnel, could speed limits be increased above those of surface roads?

  • Hi Mark. The next revolution is converting the electrical grid system to a thorium system that lasts for 50 years before refueling. The plants will provide unlimited power to heat homes, provide international communications at very low cost, and clean up the atmosphere as a by-product. The spent cores would stay buried when they become obsolete thus solving the disposal problem. It's coming…if Elon lives long enough…and it would start in China, which has few vested interests to stop the progress.

  • This earth to earth starship thing is most likely not going to happen. The risk, the sound (I mean that yacht-looking ship will have to take you quite far out to sea so that the sound of a huge rocket lifting off won't just shatter the windows of those skyscrapers..), the security checks. This last point alone, security checks most likely take so long that it will be faster (and much much much safer) to just get on a plane to the other side of the globe. This just seems utterly ridiculous to me. Tourism, sure, but not as a "normal" means of transportation. Fly 30 mins, but wait hours beforehand and after arriving at your destination. Nonono

  • While Elon is smart and fantastic at what he does, can we take a moment to appreciate all the people involved with his companies whom are equally as smart and obviously part of the success that is Elon Musk. I feel they are underappreciated and don't get the same recognition as the face of Elon does. I understand when people talk about Elon they usually inherently include the people working for him but few ever explicitly state the fact. And I'm just saying this in general, I'm not targeting Solving The Money Problem.

    However, this statement is targeted @Solving The Money Problem and commenters; people have been selling dirt for centuries! 😁

  • Thanks to Steven, I downloaded Webull and got $20 of free stocks using his download link and made a clean 40% on a Tesla stock I bought on the platform! This matters. I really do appreciate your videos and sage financial lessons!

  • You haven't mentioned solar, insurance and Neuralink. They will add even more to the value of Tesla and Elon's companies.

  • Ho will be First In Space ,I Ask "
    . Quantum Proof. McDonald's or Burger King. Hahaha and
    Is Mars a Democracy.First man Owned Planet.Hos the Landlord !
    Blow up your self-drive car.
    Fight for your Rights to drive
    Or die.

  • Would love to hear your thoughts on Rivian and their potential for becoming competitive with Tesla. Their significant backing from Amazon and Ford definitely peaks my interest.

  • The Boring Company's residual income will appear when it starts digging tunnels to be used by Tesla automobiles to travel along commute routes at 120+ mph. Revenue from that (not to mention the incentive it will give to purchase Tesla automobiles (and probably the Tesla Semi as well) will be huge.

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  • Hi Steven: Big question and potential topic for you for a video.

    How do you value Tesla ? As an investor I assume you ran through the numbers and found a way to value Tesla's shares then bought them because it was an undervalued company or fair values company. If you run the numbers, currently, Tesla are over valued. However, if you run ratios using future returns for example then Tesla begins to look better ( for reasons all your videos cover). I'd love to see a video of you running through the numbers and metrics you've used to justify investing in Tesla. Other than the hope they'll do the thing they'll say they'll do…. Which they probably will do to be fair

  • I share your views particularly on self driving – there are many disbelievers, but I believe, because I could do it myself, given time

  • It's hard to challenge any predictions Space X makes after all they have accomplished but–Earth to Earth at airline prices? I'll have to see it to believe it.

  • Thanks. You cover a lot of stimulating topics. Are there any figures on how much CO2 all this rapid transportation will create !? More or less than today’s jets fleet?

  • Tesla can even make a Tesla map just like Google Map or Waze. The robotaxi can even be a delivery fleet for small to big business. Amazon is in danger. Drone will not be the delivery system of tomorrow because it cannot carry many and heavy loads. The Robotaxi can also be used for emergencies and calamities.

  • So you say most people dont get that Tesla isnt a car , its a computer on wheels ? Hahaha , so Airbus A380 isnt a plane , its a computer with wings . . .

  • Can you make a vid on some of the other companies you’re excited about? I’d be interested to see/hear about some other innovative companies that aren’t as popular.

  • hey man I want to thank you for the dope content! I’ve been riding the tesla wave trading options for a couple
    months with the confidence that you would always give. I just ordered my performance model Y, and wanted to pay homage. Cheers brotha

  • I hope Tesla will succeed with the self driving. The problem with their lead in data could end up being wrong data. What if the sensors they use are not enough and need to restart data collecting with different or better sensors?
    I think Tesla will succeed immensely with their EV’s and energy tech. Just keeping fingers grossed that Autonomy works out too for them 🤞

  • SMR's insight on seeing the thread of residual income throughout Elon's designs is brilliant!

    It reminds me of a similar concept that NASA ISS Astronaut, Captain Lee Morin, shared at an IEEE meeting in Houston. He espouses that Compound Interest is the formula to succeed in space travel and space colonies. It is a form of accelerated residual income. In his example a robot on the moon would build a solar oven that could make bricks to build bigger ovens and a colony on the moon out of the Moon's soil, known a Regolith.

    I'm betting there is also Compound Interest built into Elon's designs. SMR mentioned one: the Tesla software technology building on top of itself. I expect there are many others.

  • Brought my first shares ever "Tesla", then watched them fall $20 in the following hour as news of two Tesla staff getting that nasty virus emerged. Let's hope Tesla can ride this financial storm season without becoming broke/broken. I'm in the long term game.

  • neurolink will also be huge, it's hard to say how much money it will make, but the technology is a revolutionary leap over previous devices. Again, he's not really inventing things, just combining top level tech in a genius way no one else has thought of.

  • But…, none of the companies you talk about make any money. They have been incinerating billions in cash. You make more money off this youtube channel than any of the companies that Elon manages.

  • Renewable energy, reusablerocket etc are all free forms of money. Except the savings go to it's customers rather than back to the corporations who WOULD LOVE TO CAPTURE AND KILL ALL RENEWABLE ENERGY because renewable = lost profits. Reusing a battery and car for 2,000,000 miles freaks out all the car manufacturers and oil producers. Their days are numbered!!

  • I don't understand why Elon musk doesn't design hot swappable batteries for the semi trucks. Imagine being able to pull up to a vehicle in front of you, log on to it, swap out the vehicle battery (similar to mid-air refueling), disconnect, and continue onward. Residual benefits for hot swappable batteries would bleed over to the car market and eliminate long charging wait times. Tesla could lease battery usage and have solar charging stations with hot swap batteries alongside highways with no need for pre existing infrastructure or employees…

  • Hi Steven, big fan and subscriber of your channel here. Awesome video, but too many ads. Don’t overdo it, there’s a trade-off 🙂

  • F**k off big doesn't begin to explain how hench Starship is. 2017 vid is a tad dated now. Most P2P transport won't need the booster, just the top bit (Starship 2nd stage). Too many ads now. Gone past the sweet spot.

  • I think Elon might consider making a CyberTruck capable of towing a 5 car Trailer so I can deliver Tesla's with my Cyber Truck. I think it needs more towing capacity to make it Road Legal. What do you think? Here is a link to the trailer I would like to haul Teslas with. The Tesla trailer innovation should link the cargo vehicle batteries to feed the Cybertruck for unlimited range! Anything to accelerate the transition to Sustainability…!!

  • what if all of elons' products came together in one vehicle….

    “Tesla tiny homes and the autonomous vehicle lifestyle trend of the future.”

  • I was concerned that Tesla, as a computer on wheels, would eventually be attacked in all sides for the possibility that every Tesla's residual capabilities would be provided to the government to do what?

    Surveillance and social control. Think of all the ways that smart phone companies already monitor and direct phone users. That same capability is available in Tesla cars to be used, and many people will raise the alarm.

    Of course Musk will anticipate this and likely turn it to Tesla Corp's advantage, though I don't see how yet.

    Great channel! Your content is very well-written, compressed, and gets across the complex changes and capabilities Musk's companies are introducing.

  • I placed a deposit on a M3 Performance to lock in the price as I'm hearing there's an imminent price rise across the Tesla range in Australia due to the AUD being decimated in the last few weeks …. just saying

  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk: New York gigafactory will reopen for ventilator production
    Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Wednesday that the company’s factory in Buffalo, New York will open “as soon as humanly possible” to produce ventilators that are in short supply due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Using existing technologies in an orthodox way:
    🤔 Why are the ventilation vents installed in the ceilings of public restrooms, the source of the odor isn't there.
    To direct vent, the space above the water in the flush tank could get subjected to negative pressure( it is already connected to the toilet by the overflow tube). Install a tube inside the wall behind the toilet. The bottom of the tube gets connected to the tank. The top side, gets connected to the ceiling exhaust fan.

  • Great video ! A pleasant relief from the typical gloom and doom networks of the world that are being found to be 100% liars. Or soon to come for those that did not know that yet.

  • Not many people know this, but the hair used in Musk's hair transplant came from an old bag of Nikola Tesla's hair. It was after this hair transplant, Musk started Tesla. It's kind of like those people that get liver transplants and then start painting the next day even though they've never held a paint brush in their life.

  • Don't forget the Giga Factory residual. Tesla masters super fast construction of huge, efficient, highly automated factories to build its cars, then turns around and sells the proprietary methodology for building the factory to other manufacturers. Genius!

  • One word: Cameras. Here is something I did about 2 months ago and I recommend you give it a try. Take a 10mg THC gummy (I prefer hybrid over sativa or indica). Have a single hazy IPA (I like Mind Haze from Firestone Walker) while the edible kicks in. Once you finish your hazy, think of an write down all the ideas for how Elon can monetize the cameras on the car. I was able to think of over 15. Reply with your count.

  • it's not a CAR it is a COR, Computer On Wheels. The network is constantly learning, even if auto pilot is not on. It's watching ALL the time.

  • Webull is a chinese company. They can get my data by hacking any time they want, but I'm not giving them it for free. One of the only things I dislike about your channel. But I guess you have to make money.

  • Riddle me this for SpaceX…if in a few decades you have thousands of flights per year into space, doesn't the fuel burning and atmosphere piercing damage our ozone layer???? I've never ever heard anyone talk about this all these years

  • The only residual income opportunity is when money is eliminated. That will solve 99% of the world's problems the day it happens. Think of how many people can just stay home by that one move. And productivity multiplies for every person not needed to produce the same thing. No more competition. We thought it was needed to drive innovation, but moreso it is a waste of energy. Let everyone contribute free what they have for those that prove their smarts. A good example of this would be that Elon Musk should be running the whole world honestly. Would we be all scared of a c. virus in that case ? It would have been dealt with years ago. Just eliminate viruses by raising the strength of the immune system (number one would be to stop injecting babies with 1,000 times the normal high limit of mercury and other toxic substances… duh !). The old way we suffer from now just keeps making non-foods available to eat and damaging drugs as some kind of cure… of nothing. If someone wants to play the devil's advocate… just look at what is going on in the news today… it's the devil's playground. Who says ? More and more people each day. So when someone shows up like Elon Musk but more in the realm of world historical fact and the vision of the world where everyone is one family, it will spread very quickly. And be real ! The knowledge will come when the vehicle is fully prepared. Kind of like fully autonomous driving. Fully autonomous love. It's real but since it was never seen or proven, no one can imagine it. That is all about to change.

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